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can shaker

big flexible stick and wheel clamps
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I spend a great deal of time shaking field marking aerosol paint cans for my daughter's soccer team. I don't want to pay for an expensive paint shaker, but I find shaking cans for 1-3 minutes after the ball rattles a major pain in the shoulder. At twelve cans, that's about a half an hour of standing around shaking cans.

If I had a seven or eight-foot flexible pole with a clamp to hold the can perpendicular to the stick, and a pivoted plate on the other, I could stand on the plate and shake the pole back and forth. The flexible pole would give it a good whip on each stroke. This setup would be more ergonomic than shaking the can by hand (back and forth as opposed to side to side), because I would be able to get my legs and back into the action

Once I had shaken all of the cans, it would be nice if the cans could clamp to the outsides of the wheels of the spray cart. This would give them a couple of hundred turns apiece to keep them mixed, and I could switch them out with other cans as they are used.

nomocrow, Apr 07 2010


       Load all your cans into a sturdy box with a locking lid. Secure this box (with all cans oriented upwards) to the hub of your automobile wheel with tensioned web straps. Drive to the soccer field. All the cans will be well shaken. (Helpful Tip: To avoid premature paint application, take care not to parallel park too close to the curb when arriving at your destination if the box is strapped to a passenger-side wheel.)
jurist, Apr 07 2010

       I would think that the constant centrifugal force would simply seperate the paint components by weight with the heaviest at the operating bottom.   

       Strap the cans to the children's legs and have them run around to warm up. That's what those big socks are for.
normzone, Apr 07 2010

       [nz] - the can would be perpendicular to the stick, and would shake in the same manner as if you were shaking it by hand.
nomocrow, Apr 09 2010

       I'm guessing normzone's comment was in response to jurist's whose comment was in response to your post. Your solution is good but, maybe a shorter pole could be used that you could flex while sitting in a chair.
rcarty, Apr 09 2010

       I missed it, never mind, [nz].   

       Kind of like a deep-sea fishing rig - I like it.
nomocrow, Apr 09 2010

       you know they make velcro straps that attach to a reciprocating saw. you just velcro your can to a long saw blade and turn the saw on. 2 straps of velcro are cheaper than a long pole.
metarinka, Apr 09 2010


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