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chemical ion hybridengine

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Got this idea many years agon when i read a piece about hydromagneticdrives (shippropulsion without a propeller). It would work like this, you have a hydrogenoxygen engine (not very big though). You also ad a nuclear reactor (for wast amounts of electric power). first step is that you fire up the chemicalengine.(guess you all know how a hydrogenoxygenrocketengine works). Instead to let the exhaust work trough a nozzle, you let the ingintionchamber work up the pressure through a long tube. The tube are in fact a ionengine that works with ionized watermolecules. Around the tube you have a coil for the acceleratorfield. This engine will be very small compared to ordinary hydrogenoxygenengines. But in this engine you combine chemical and electric thrust. I havent a clue if this would work...or how much better or worse it will be compared to a ordinary ionengine. But one thing i know...watermolecules can be accelerated by electricalforce.
psychoticus, Apr 03 2004


       The amount of extra energy provided by the combustion is PATHETIC compared to the energy for exelerating the ions.
my-nep, Apr 03 2004

       the point is that such a hybridengine could give you the advantage to make shorter high G accelerations when needed. the other point is that running on water, makes it possible to fill it upp again almost everywhere in the solarsystem.
psychoticus, Apr 04 2004

       This sure is hard to read. Of the merits of the idea, I know nothing.
swamilad, Apr 05 2004

       lol..eh ok sorry about the "space button" . Im not so good at english;)   

       ok...i guess calling it a ionthruster/engine was somewhat wrong of me... The engine work more like a plasma engine...i guess. and i forgot to meantion that from the tubes start to the exhaust you also will have a electric arc. and that about the pressure...and heat. that means that the chemical process give the molecules a hig energy and speed even before the plasma accelerator kicks in..and diagrams?? hmm didnt i mentioned this was a old basic idea i had?;) summa sumarum: the thrust media will benefit from both chemical and nuclear power. and as i said before..water are somewhat common in universe (thought it can be hided away). and hey...now days im more into ground/skybased massdrivers because they are more economical in the long run. hmm maybde i should rename this idea to: the waterdrive hehehe
psychoticus, Apr 06 2004

       I yam @ a loss for words!
chembustion, Apr 06 2004

       I don't know if this will work, but I know what I like! Full steam ahead, Scottie!
cloudface, Aug 28 2004


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