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continuously cast baked goods

apply the principle of continuous casting to baking
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continuous casting is a method for creating metal ingots/stock continuously. hot steel is poured between cold rolers and is "extruded" into whatever shape is needed. You might be able to apply the same principle to baking. rather than having individual cups that can be filled with batter pour the batter between two heated cooking grade silicone conveyors. to start the machine off you may need to have a starting block which would prevent the batter/dough from just running between the conveyors but once you do that the already cooked and solid dough would hold back the uncooked liquid dough. you may also have to add texture to the belts so the finished solid support doesn't slip out. All of these problems have already been solved by the steel industry. if you want to make loaves of discrete units it suffices to switch out the belts and you can make old style single loaves again. the advantage with this system is that there would be no wasted space between loaves. It also eliminates the end pieces people never eat or at least produces only two. this could be applied to making bread, pizzas, flatbread, tortillas, or really anything. It might even be possible to use this kind or system for making molded plastic goods with thermo-set plastics.
RichardT, Jan 02 2010

continuous casting http://en.wikipedia.../Continuous_casting
continuous casting of metal bars/stock [RichardT, Jan 02 2010]

Google "extrusion cooking" http://www.google.c...q=extrusion+cooking
[tatterdemalion, Jan 02 2010]

baguette machine baguette_20machine
Very similar, if not the same. [tatterdemalion, Jan 02 2010]

Rheon Encrusting Machines http://www.symetec....sting_machines.html
[tatterdemalion, Jan 02 2010]

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       Extrusion forming plays some role in a huge number of currently existing products. Strudels, cookies, crackers, pretzels, cheese products, formed potato disks, even faux crab meat are all contenuous baked. If you include products formed by extrusion and then baked (why not?) the list is endless. It is already used in every case where it is convenient.
WcW, Jan 02 2010

       [WcW] mmm... please to link to perpetual baked-goods machine that's not for breakfast-cereals or flatbread.
[ttd] from a quick perusal, the "Rheon" link doesn't bake anything

FlyingToaster, Jan 02 2010

       actually in the case of "sliced sweetbread" (comes packaged, no end pieces) the "loaf" is formed in a moving channel, baked and sliced and one long unending loaf. But this isn't a true extrusion as the belt conveys the product and it is not forced into shape. Any product that is biologically leavened relies on such a long rest phase that an in-process technique would slow the machine to much. If you could bake bread at 3ft/min and your yeast required at least 2 hrs of process time then you would need a former 380 feet long to accommodate the rise time.
WcW, Jan 02 2010

       [FlyingToaster], I posted it to show the technology commonly exists. I'm sure if one had more patience than I do to sort through industrial food manufacturer websites and PDF files, one would find a system geared to baking.
tatterdemalion, Jan 02 2010

       I just like the idea of a continuous dinner-roll machine.
FlyingToaster, Jan 02 2010

       so not casting your bread on the water then...
po, Jan 02 2010

       [po] it could be a duck feeder.
FlyingToaster, Jan 02 2010

       I think the essence of my idea was to eliminate the partitions between baked goods(end pieces) if you're baking bread rather than deposit a lump of dough in each pan deposit a stream of dough in a neverending conveyor belt   

       For bread or baguettes this would only be feasible or practical in a factory because they need to cook for a long time and if you slow down the conveyor belt heat will still conduct through the dough and cook the dough while it's rising. you need a long conveyor belt for that to work because it has to move relatively quickly. however for flatbreads, waffles, pancakes, pizzas and other baked goods with shorter cooking times you might be able to bake them on or between rollers. in other words efficiency increases with volume and low cooking time.   

       an ideal application for this would be crepes. they cook really quickly and are super thin. if you partly immersed a heated roller in a container with batter in it the batter coating would gradually thicked as the roller roled and could be peeled off at some point when it was fully cooked. you could roll it up and freeze it. It would be ultra compact. rectangles are also ideal for rolling ensuring an even thickness of crepe around whatever's inside.(edit) never mind crepes are already cooked this way but it could still be applied to waffles (/edit)
RichardT, Jan 02 2010

       <Homer Simpson>   

       "Mmmmmm, DDddddd ooooooooo nnnnnnn uuuuuutttttttsssss....."   

       </Homer Simpson>
8th of 7, Jan 02 2010

       already done, really in every case already done.
WcW, Jan 02 2010

       FT, you following me on flickr?
po, Jan 02 2010

       I would suspect a process very similar to this for fig newtons, and know for a fact that cheetos (the puffy kind) are extruded under pressure, cut and fried.
MechE, Jan 02 2010

       [po] ...assuming that's you... why? you got that being-stalked feeling ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 02 2010

       damn, it wasn't original after all. But the bread thing might work. as someone mentioned (see link above) the ends are usually wasted, so continuously cast bread confined on three sides would work really well.
RichardT, Jan 03 2010

       [po] ps: none of the 3 "FT"'s on flickr are yours truly.
(I have a camera but when I press the stupid button the picture shakes so if I sign up I'll probably use "Stutterbug" as a nick)
FlyingToaster, Jan 03 2010

       ....... this is a little awkward for everyone .......
WcW, Jan 03 2010

       [WcW] why? are you stalking [po] too ? get your own...   

       so... [po]... what are you wearing?...   

       (at this point for [WcW]'s sanity, I have to admit I didn't know (or care, but cute pictures) you had a flickr account though I think somebody mentioned having one a few months back)
FlyingToaster, Jan 03 2010

       oh and I'll second that you took your skewering like a gentleman. Welcome to the HB. You should do a bit of searching before you post an idea. Sometimes you can limit redundancy by making an idea more specific: Extruded toast.
WcW, Jan 03 2010

       FT, famously wearing a duck outfit mainly :)
po, Jan 03 2010

       //actually in the case of "sliced sweetbread"//
I've never heard of this - is this the thymus or pancreas variety?
I've only ever heard of them being fried - never baked.
coprocephalous, Jan 04 2010

       Is someone messing with ya po? A stalker? A thug? A...flickerer? I'll take em out for you...
blissmiss, Jan 04 2010


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