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double freezer bag

Put chicken in and pour water over it.
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An inner bag holds the food, and an outer bag holds enough water to displace the air around the food.* There are two zips at the top of the bag, one for the food, and once for the water. Once the air is evacuated, the entire package is frozen in a tray to give it a uniform shape that can be stacked.

A one-way valve from the inner bag to the atmosphere would be great, because then you could squish the water bag around to displace all of the air.

This system eliminates the need for vacuum pumps and special plastics. Because the inner bag could be pretty thin, this may use less plastic than normal zip freezer bags. The ice would help protect against freezer smells.

* I did this with 12 ounces of 3/4-inch cut raw chicken breast (for stir fry), and two cheap storage (not freezer) bags. I doubled the bags, and left a little opening in the bag that held the chicken, and filled the outer bag with water. This displaced the air from the inner bag, which I then sealed. Then I sealed the outer bag and put the whole thing in a small square cake pan.

The result was a very square block of thin ice with chicken in the middle. When I needed it, I ran it under water, which loosened the outer bag. I removed this, and the ice broke away from the chicken easily. The chicken was very frozen, with no sign of freezer burn or crystals.

nomocrow, Oct 29 2008

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       This is very good. Alternatively you could just dip your bags in a large enough pot of water to evacuate all of the air and not have to deal with the extra baggage or block of ice.   

       Still won't be the same as vacuum sealed though. I think the one we have could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.   


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