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Fair and festival "fun" food served all the time
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Sausage on a stick, funnel cakes, cotton candy, caramel apples, roasted corn, turkey legs, fried candy bars and such are all "fun" foods usually sold only at fairs, festivals and amusement parks.

For those with a year around hunger for such things, easy access would be in order. I propose a restaurant franchise called "Festival Foods 365" to satisfy these cravings.

Sunstone, May 18 2006

Turkey legs http://bbq.about.co...ipes/r/bl30329c.htm
[Shz, May 19 2006]

June 22, 2005: America's Favorite Carnival Food Debuts at IHOP http://www.findarti...une_22/ai_n13826355
Carnival treats such as corn dogs, caramel apples and fluffy cotton candy are being offered by more and more restaurants across the country [Sunstone, Jun 28 2006]

Funnel cakes and cotton candy blizzards now at U.S. Dairy Queen cotton candy next?
http://www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/Promotions-US/ [Sunstone, Jun 23 2016]


       America, I weep for you.
DrCurry, May 18 2006

       Don't cry for me, Doctor Curry
The truth is I need no mourners
For I am mighty
Bigger than Blighty
Please pass the nachos
I'm getting hungry.

       Apologies to the Carpenters
methinksnot, May 18 2006

       Just looked up what 'turkey legs' are. - A horrible thing to do to an otherwise reasonably healthy food.
Shz, May 19 2006

       I wouldn't eat it, but there are many who would.
Zimmy, May 19 2006

       At least it would prevent overpopulation. Not oversized population though.
harderthanjesus, May 20 2006

       This should be a food truck.
notexactly, Jul 17 2016


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