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half sandwich doorstop

a hard rubber triangle
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You can't eat it, but it looks delicious. It holds the door open without getting any mayonnaise on the floor.
jaksplat, Apr 14 2007

here's a swiss cheese one http://www.totally-...asp?ID=1068&SID=468
[xandram, Apr 15 2007]


       Assuming, of course, that your dog doesn't drag it away to gnaw on.
nuclear hobo, Apr 14 2007

       Dogs will do that with anything. If he swallows it, it becomes a dogstop.
jaksplat, Apr 14 2007

       good one +
xenzag, Apr 14 2007

       Slice of pie would have been just that much better.
jhomrighaus, Apr 14 2007

       + Here's a bun for a doorstop, too.
xandram, Apr 15 2007

       I beg to differ [jho], if there's a choice between a door halfapple-pie stop, and a halfaham&swiss-sandwich door stop, well it's sorta not even close. I'd gobble up the pie in a heartbeat.   

       If, however, the sandwich was made with half a croissant, it would be a tough call.
blissmiss, Apr 15 2007


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