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holistic field?

the double slit is still treated as newtoninan wave
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My new query is, how can the apparatus be treated as independent?. In classical physics the bullet leaves the gun and then has no effect on the slit until it touches or passes through. A Newtonian wave has no effect also until reaching the slit.

A quantum object has a quantum field interaction. That field is always touching the gun and the slit simultaneously. To treat it classically and only say it interacts with classical locality seems strange.

To me the box is part of the quantum object, the emitter is a tap, an observer is a sink hole and the quantum object a pattern traveling the all touching field affected by all.

Is it possible to design the box to reflect and concentrate any unmeasured field effects onto the slits? to gain more insight on what is happening.

wjt, Aug 04 2019

Elitzur-Vaidman Bomb Tester https://en.wikipedi...Vaidman_bomb_tester
This device seems relevant to what you describe. [sninctown, Aug 04 2019]


       You assume that time is linear and travels in the direction your senses tells you it does.   

       If the multiverse is real then all outcomes are predetermined and merely fill in various ways to achieve those outcomes and us poor carbon based units just can't think backwards is all.   

       Everything is backwards. Always has been. That's why you gotta flip the negatives.   

       [sninctown] I love the quantum logic of the Elitzur–Vaidman bomb tester, there are 3 possible results: A) The bomb goes off, it was definitely a bomb. B) The bomb doesn't go off, it might be a dud and C) The bomb doesn't go off, and it might be a live bomb.   

       After testing an infinite number of bombs, and keeping careful track of the test results and making the appropriate deductions, it's possible to ascertain that up to 33% of the *unexploded* bombs are live, and liable to go off. You can also ascertain with 100% certainty that the laboratory will want cleaning up afterwards.
zen_tom, Aug 06 2019

       Even the diagram in that link tries to cram what should be a whole new way of thinking in two Newtonian-like paths. Not that I know what the thinking should be but the diagram seems wrong for the word entanglement.
wjt, Aug 06 2019


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