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laptop travel supports

Laptop extension supports for knees or luggage
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Ever want to use your laptop in the airport waiting area? Where do you put it down? Although women seem better built to keep their knees together, us big guys don't sit comfortably with our knees close enough together to keep a laptop stable.

OK, here are two ideas:

1. Builtin or velcro-on extension bars or tray that spread out wider than the laptop itself. If a tray, could also provide a builtin mouse pad for those of us who need a real mouse to be productive.

2. A feature on a carry-on "wheelie" bag to hold an open laptop securely. Just place the bag vertically in front of you (between knees), attach the laptop on top, and it's at a perfect height to work as long as something (velcro? clips?) keeps it from slipping or falling.

lee, Jan 18 2001




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