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party vending machine

hors-d'oeuvres seved from containers protected from sneezing guests
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Novel, sculptural plexi-glass containers that dispense party treats instead of the usual table of delights spread on platters open to the air and the dust falling off guest's heads and clothes and little Jr's projectile coughs. Totally 'self serve' and casual, letting the host party. Rent them already loaded.

Various dia. tubes of multileveled trays that dispense at the bottom. Some triangular tubes for like shaped foods, pizza slices, some rectangular for cake slices, little preloaded bowlettes of beans, or an enclosed mini crane and bucket system to shovel you up some stew and deposit it in a bowl below. a revolving rack of chicken wings (vegetarian myself.) All kept fresh and clean.

Novelity of picking off a single nibble from 'the potato chip tree,' the pickle tree, the cookie tree. Less mess, less for the guests to juggle in their good clothes.

Tempting 'fruitful trees' spaced throughout the party. Fun drink dispensers, I'd be hanging round the wierd sculptural beer fountain next to the tall, thin nut tube, ends at a little open dish, works like bird feeder.

Drinks, punch, everything in its own clever dispenser. Mix your own cocktail from a rack of multi-colored juices. Coffee, fresh ground and brewed before your eyes.

If all treats are of high quality maybe the contrast with the machine aesthetic would be entertaining.

Definitely inspired by the sushi automat where the wrapped choices pass tantlizingly in front of you on a conveyor belt.

M Carter, Jan 06 2008




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