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pavlov and the vc

pavlov for the venture capitalist
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wish that vc's wouldn't smile toothily as they crush through your business plan? wish that those smiles weren't perennially plastered on their face as they mentally moved on? let's just all be honestthrough proper training, any entrepreneur should be able to send an electric shock, through an equally fake smile, aimed at that vc. time would allow for vc behavioural training, and eradicate that nuisance.
zugster, Sep 15 2000


       [zugster] No one buying into your business idea? Post *that* here...I am sure someone here can help shape it up for you. ;)
blahginger, Sep 15 2000

       sure, i'll get help. for a fee. but my hope is that none of you have mastered that smile :) any takers?
zugster, Sep 15 2000

       VC's don't read business plans, only MBA profs do.   

       Sorry, thats a bit disingenuous. Some VC's read the exec summary.   

       Maybe you could trojan horse their impeccable smile by planting anti-whitening toothpaste in their bathroom.
GeneticCrypto, Sep 21 2000

       "dirt-in-a-tube"? hahaha... lace it with enough sugar and it might just sell, GeneticCrypto. almost good enough for an idea in itself! let's see... caffeine, tobacco, sugar, parsley, black chalk... hmm...
absterge, Jan 26 2001


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