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pixelated lego faces

see above
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I am thinking of requesting the LEGO company to manufacture pixelated heads for their minifigures. its obvious that there are many occasions when a lego man/woman/child might need to hide their identity but I'm not about to create or call for a list.

the only bricks in a lego person that requires pixelisation is the face in that, as far as I know, lego people do not have genitals.

there might be many reasons to pixelise an image for creative purposes: for instance, pixelisation was used in the film Westworld to simulate the perspective of an android.

amazed that this has not been proposed before as minifigures have feelings too...

po, May 04 2017

Little men witness protection service....... Little_20men_20witn...rotection_20service
[not_morrison_rm, May 04 2017]

For [Ian Tindale] https://xkcd.com/1281/
Minifigs will outnumber us soon... [neutrinos_shadow, May 04 2017]

Lego Ideas https://ideas.lego.com/
Here is where you can petition Lego to make something. Formerly known as Cuusoo. [notexactly, May 05 2017]


       People would mistrust lego in general, categorising them as bank-robbing marriage-cheating fraud-ulenting bastards that come over here taking all our meccano. They must have something to hide, those lego people.
Ian Tindale, May 04 2017

       It's only for a second head as it were.
po, May 04 2017

       Shirley the solution is to make the faces out of teeny tiny (but not too tiny) Lego bricks?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 04 2017

       I wonder how much lego there is in the world? I suspect the amount of lego must be much more than there was several decades ago. When I was young I didn't have lego or meccano or any of those shop-bought things, but I remember playing with some lego around a friend when I was exceedingly young and he told me off for building my lego directly up in columns, explaining that the wall will fall over easily unless I interlocked them by making them alternate horizontal phase. It was at that moment I really resented know-it-alls, but more than that, really resented people who somehow found an advantage before I got there. I suppose he had all fucking day, for years, to experiment with his own lego and must've come to the conclusion that just piling bricks one on top of the other is not a good strategy.   

       But anyway. There wasn't lego people back then, but there are now, and if the amount of lego is more now than then, it stands to reason (unless this is one of those interlocking moments) that the amount of lego people is on the rise. Therefore I wonder if the population crisis of humans matches, exceeds or is not as much as that of lego people.
Ian Tindale, May 04 2017

       Possibly [ian] but they are the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. I think the ancient Egyptians knew that interlocking wall trick (and more)
po, May 04 2017

       And so we learn that [Ian]'s mental scars run deeper than any of us could have known.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 04 2017

       This is sorely needed for the Lego Witless Protection Program.   

       some of the things they've seen... <shudder>   

       //Witless Protection Program//   

MaxwellBuchanan, May 04 2017

       Odd thing is, I think I've seen some
Dub, May 04 2017

       Ahem, there already is a 'Little men witness protection service' extant on HB. Link
not_morrison_rm, May 04 2017


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