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proportional library lendings

Library computer automatically lends longer books for longer periods
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The library computer system presumably knows that Neal Stephenson's "Confusion" is an 800-page book. With little tiny writing.

So why did they only lend it to me for the statutory three weeks?

There should be a sliding scale. Longer book, longer lend.

AmbroseChappell, Jul 14 2005

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       Hmm. Thick book = long time. Thick head = longer time.   

       My college library would lend all books to graduate students for longer times than to normal students. My public library does what you suggest for a few items, mostly video-series collections.
baconbrain, Jul 14 2005

       Excellent idea although it would need a 'reading age' modifier in the lending period algorithm.
hippo, Jul 14 2005

       How long it takes to read a book has less to do with age and intelligence than with reading speed and how busy you are. I tend to linger over books and don't have a lot of downtime in which to read them, my other half devours books at the rate of two or three a week.   

       Still, you can't argue with the basic logic of the idea. [+]
wagster, Jul 14 2005

       This seems reasonable, but patrons can renew their library books at any time during the loan period if they feel they wish to keep the book beyond the original due-date, so I'm not sure that variable loan periods are necessary.   

       I fear that multiple loan periods (and therefore multiple return-dates) could prove too confusing for many an average library patron. We already get quite enough hassles from people arguing over fines because "I have 8 books out from the library - how am I supposed to remember when each one is due back?"
salachair, Jul 14 2005

       It should also go by subject, math books take so much longer to read even when they are short. 10 math pages should count for 327 normal non-fiction pages. IMNSHO.
futurebird, Jan 18 2008

       This is a good idea, but why not just be allowed to check out a book for as long as you need it? I mean, maybe there's a reasonable upper limit (say one year), but having the same return policy for all books does seem a bit restrictive.
phoenix, Jan 18 2008

       Our university library gives us a month, unless the book is requested by another user, then you get an email and have one week to get it in.
futurebird, Jan 18 2008

       Whilst I do like this idea in theory, I feel that the practical application could be more complex than anticipated.
vincevincevince, Jan 18 2008


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