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radio jammer

Prevent nearby cars from playing loud & obnoxious music by broadcasting your own signal
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You're driving along, come to a stoplight, and the jerk next to you is playing the radio so loudly you're afraid the bass will shake your car to bits. Simply turn on your radio jammer to disable his sonic aggression.
jkao, Aug 11 2003

Remote car stereo scrambler http://www.halfbake...0stereo_20scrambler
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       Put a remote switch in series with the radio frequency interference filter on your ignition. When you feel annoyed open the switch to turn off the filter. Now the bastard can listen to the music of your engine idling. Rev it up a few times to make him really dance.
kbecker, Aug 11 2003

       If you make your ignition un-filtered enough some noise may still crawl into the super stereo amplifiers of the jerk and fry them. If its still not enough try an EMP generator (link).
kbecker, Aug 11 2003

       We be jammin
DeathNinja, Aug 11 2003

       What about a solenoid-controlled rooftop trebuchet with a bucket of jam (raspberry, if you wish) that is flung at the offending car?
Cedar Park, Aug 12 2003

       Too bad you missed my Bass-Seeking Missile idea. Luckily you're in time for my Noise-Canceling Stereo.   

       What if the bozo is listening to a CD?
phoenix, Aug 12 2003

       or the other alternative is to get a paint ball gun and shoot their car to hell during a red light.
dickity, Aug 12 2003

       I'd go for this in a New York minute *if* I could somehow be sure that Bozo wouldn't learn that I turned off his tunes and disconnect my head from my body (which I need).   

       "Watts" needed here...   

       Seriously, I have learned to turn off the highway if I find myself in an escalating conflict of wills and anger with another driver. No matter what kind of a bozo I think he may be. It's not worth getting killed for.
hyphenator, Oct 25 2003

       hyphenator, dont piss people off and you wont have that problem...
dragonboy45479, Aug 27 2004

       I knew some guys in college who had neighbors who would listen to MP3's over the network at a million decibels. Being computer guys, they figured out how to glitch their neighbors connection whenever they wanted, requiring a full restart to get back on the network. Good stuff.
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 27 2004

       How can i make such equipment? Could it be used to protect one's home against SAVs? (Sub Assault Vehicles)
Jean-Luc, Mar 21 2010


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