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refrigerated pillow

pillow with built-in cooling system
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Y'know how having a really nice cold pillow is perfect to lay your head on when you're trying to sleep? But then 15 minutes later, maybe you're still awake, and the pillow's all warm - which is most definitely unpleasant. Well, how about a refrigerated pillow...it'd have to have a pretty quiet mechanism, but it must be doable somehow.
-alx, May 24 2001

The Original Chillow Multipurpose Cooling Pillow http://www.productn...tid-2810860793.html
"If you ever 'flip' your pillow looking for the 'Cool spot', you're gonna love the Chillow right away!" [egnor, May 24 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Cooling Pillow patents http://patft.uspto....w&FIELD2=TTL&d=pall
"Cooling beach pillow", "Thermoelectric cooling pillow", "Cooling pillow with heat dissipator". [egnor, May 24 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       ...and perhaps made like a diaper to absorb the drool and keep you dry and comfortable all night long.
globaltourniquet, May 24 2001

       Absolutely - I'm a real drooler myself so that would be amazing. Maybe it could even be incorporated as some kind of cooling fluid...
-alx, May 24 2001

       egnor: great link. Do you have any info on an extremely compact dehumidifier?
reensure, May 25 2001

       Egnor: Thanks for the link...that looks like it'd be really useful. <grin> I do indeed flip my pillow, or change it entirely...<I've got more pillows than blankets..>
StarChaser, May 26 2001

       Yeah, my current way of getting around the problem is having 2 pillows. This means I have 4 cold sides to get through, but sometimes even that isn't enough. You have to ration changes, otherwise the other sides don't get enough time to cool down...
-alx, May 26 2001


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