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self-heating shaving gel

self-heating shaving gel heats up your bristles
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Freezing cold morning, frrrr. Glop some hot water on my face, mmmm. Shaving gel is COOLD. Put it under the hot water for a bit and it's better, but it slides around and is generally gloopy. By the time I slap it on my face, it's COOOLD again. So the first nick of the blade isn't that comfy.

What if the shaving gel helpfully emerged at the correct temperature ? There would be need to be a chemical reaction (maybe based on those weird self-heating meals) that occurred in the nozzle, resulting in happy smiley nice comfy shave.

bumhat, Nov 23 2005

Neet™ http://www.neet-sy.com/
Warm up to this ... and, you'll need to shave less often. [reensure, Nov 23 2005]

ConAir Hot Lather/Hot Gel Machines http://www.everythi...w=hot+shaving+cream
Still available. [jurist, Nov 23 2005]

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       [Bum] - I am dead certain that there used to be such a product, back in the 1980s. My cursory google did not find it, but I recall wondering about what was in the gel that warmed it up.
bungston, Nov 23 2005

       What temperature do you keep your house at? I usually don't get cold until I go outside.   

       The HB suggestion might be to shave with warm custard.
sleeka, Nov 23 2005

       Have you used Neet <link>?
reensure, Nov 23 2005

       [bungston] I'm sure it existed, too, but I would put it a bit further back, say early-mid '70s.
csea, Nov 23 2005

       [sleeka] Actually, the HB idea will probably be to have pirates and ninjas shaving your face with warm custard.
Germanicus, Nov 23 2005

       There once was a self-heating product called Gilette HotOne shaving cream, but it no longer seems to be available. You can, however, still get a ConAir Hot Lather Machine [see link] which will heat any brand of shaving cream in a standard sized can.   

       Personally, I've always found that the best way to get a superior shave and warm-up at the same time is to step into a hot, steamy shower. Wash your hair first to allow a few minutes for the steamy water to soften up your beard. Then, just lathering up with regular bar soap and using a decent razor will give a closer shave than you can get in most tonsorial salons. Rinse, and you're ready to face another day and go forth into your now-warm bathroom.
jurist, Nov 23 2005

       Bun, though my shaving gel has this stuff in it which makes it feel hot. Like that IcyHot cream stuff for sore muscles.   

       O heres a story. Once I had a twisted neck, and a sunburn. I made the mistake of applying the IcyHot and BOY did it hurt!
DesertFox, Nov 24 2005


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