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Shaving Tongs

Slash your shaving time in half.
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Some mornings are hurry mornings and shaving can eat into valuable minutes of tea drinking and toast eating before you have to run for the bus.

With shaving tongs, you can shave both sides of your face simultaneously and symmetrically. Just clip a swivel-head disposable razor onto the end of each half of these large scissor-tongs, place the tongs either side of your face and pull gently down toward the chin.

There will remain a small line of hair down the centre of your beard and moustache where the two razor heads meet - the 'tong line' - which can be removed conventionally or left in place to denote your position at the cutting edge of metropolitan male grooming.

wagster, Sep 06 2005


       Ha! I hate shaving [+].
DocBrown, Sep 06 2005

       As I'd imagine that it's not gender specific - It'd be ideal for all your personal topiary, and Ideal Christmas Gift!   

       Do they come in extra large? (X-p)   

       Get's my bun! Ow, blast nicked'em!
Dub, Sep 06 2005

benfrost, Sep 06 2005

       Hah! Gillette spend $120 million developing the "Quattro" and [wagster] trumps them with five minutes musing and a packet of crisps!   

       BTW the tong line can be easily hidden under the thong line.
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 06 2005

       I'm uncomfortable with the words "slash" and "shaving" in the same subtitle.
coprocephalous, Sep 06 2005

       //valuable minutes of tea drinking and toast eating //   

       what's it going to take to convert the Brits to Poptarts and coffee?   

       btw I'm thinking this would nick leg shaving time in half
dentworth, Sep 06 2005

       //Poptarts// The Spice Girls?
coprocephalous, Sep 06 2005

       Mis-read as shaving thongs.   

       +...but I'm not using them until I see someone else use them first.
goober, Sep 06 2005


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