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shoes with adjustable friction

you deside where to walk or slide
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It saves you energy and its fun.

-one button and its 0.x Kelvin degree(=no friction) -one button and its 110 Celcius degree (or more)

It can also be used as a cooler in the summer or to walk on ice. Imagine the sports that will be born

BALIKEKMEK, Jul 16 2001

Heelys http://www.heely.com
Sneakers with retractible wheels. [Op, Jul 16 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       The title says friction but the text talks of temperature. I'm confused.
st3f, Jul 16 2001

       low temperature = less friction high temperature = high friction
BALIKEKMEK, Jul 16 2001

       haven't you heard of newton's little-known 27th law of friction and temperature, st3f?
mihali, Jul 16 2001

       I think Newton has never heard of absolute zero temperature and wheels can't make you stick to the wall as much as i know.
BALIKEKMEK, Jul 19 2001

       peter, i think what bali is getting at is that temperature can affect the coefficient of friction for a particular material combination. that being said, the temperature range would be have to be huge to get even a small difference in coeff. and most materials can't handle that kind of temperature swing and still provide the function that is required.   

       don't forget that the coefficient of friction is dependent on the two materials that are contacting each other, so just changing the sole's material properties may not be enough to change the actual coeff. between the shoe and the surface on which you are walking.   

       i'm not sure how this saves energy, and i think suction cups might help you stick to the wall.
mihali, Jul 19 2001

       Yes friction is more dependant on the materials but near absolute zero degree this changes and this is also true when one object is hotter then the temperature at which the other object changes its form.   

       Only problem is to find a matter that has a great endurence.
BALIKEKMEK, Jul 19 2001

       beleive me we already have the ability to isolate heat   

       to save energy slide instead of wailking
BALIKEKMEK, Jul 19 2001

       You know what I hate? When nitrogen freezes all over my vari-friction shoes...what a mess. And then when I want to walk up a wall and my shoes ignite the building--that's so annoying.   

       Actually, waxes for cross-country skiing provide semi-variable friction for kick-and-glide in differing snow conditions. Not by BALIKEKMEK's mechanism, though.
Dog Ed, Jul 20 2001

       to prevent those kind of accidents i am currently working on a nano-plastic based shoes
BALIKEKMEK, Jul 20 2001

       what i'd like to know is: who voted + for this idea?   

       and what happened to my fish sandwich annotation?
mihali, Jul 20 2001

       [mihali]: (annotation amended - dirty word removed) Oops - found it - you left your fish sandwich at the end of the world. Though I think you'd enjoy it as much here.
st3f, Jul 20 2001

       How about a completely relevant word, like, say, 'cobblers'?
angel, Jul 20 2001

       rats! thanks st3f, i'm getting confused with all this science stuff. it's so new to me.
mihali, Jul 20 2001

       kelvin degrees is real cold and i don't think footwear would be able to reach that temperature without freezing over
linzi, May 10 2002


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