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snowplow mail truck

it's a mail truck with a snowplow on the front
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Since mail trucks need to travel up and down every street anyway, why not let them plow while they deliver the mail. Save the city millions in snow removal budget.
keithO, Feb 26 2004


       How annoying would it be to wait until three in the afternoon to get your road plowed?
k_sra, Feb 26 2004

       Snowplow Ice Cream Van.
kropotkin, Feb 26 2004

       Snowplow newspaper delivery bike.
Worldgineer, Feb 26 2004

       Snowplow parade float.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 26 2004

       Snowplow list.
krelnik, Feb 26 2004

       and can they pick up the garbage on the way?
theircompetitor, Feb 26 2004

       (pauses to laugh at //Snowplow parade float// - just picturing the crowds of people standing on the side of the road as it approaches...)
Worldgineer, Feb 26 2004

       Small trinkets and pieces of candy being lost in mounds of snow.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 26 2004

       Clowns sliding around on unicycles and giant stilts trying to stay upright.
Worldgineer, Feb 26 2004

       Snowplow clown shoes. Scoop and toss as you walk.   

       (good one, [Lbaf].)
k_sra, Feb 26 2004

       Darnit, I shoulda saved that one for an idea!
Letsbuildafort, Feb 26 2004

       What's the record for most annotations before receiving a vote? I mean, how rude, here you all are bantering about like a bunch of use_net lackeys, without even a proper how do you do for the newcomer; I'm ashamed.
oxen crossing, Feb 26 2004

       I agree, [o_c]. Some voting should be in order for this amount of annos.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 26 2004

       Hi [keithO]. Don't listen to us, we're all in an odd mood today.
Worldgineer, Feb 26 2004

       Clowns, unicycles?
keithO, Mar 03 2004

       I whole heartedly agree with this baked proposal
clone5, Apr 05 2004

       Let's see, push mounds of snow to the side of the road covering the mailbox, then ... drive on by. You can't deliver to a box you can't find. Sounds like the letter carriers would enjoy it.   

       At first I couldn't decide whether to vote for or against, but now I'm not so sure.
RooneDitoff, Apr 05 2004

       Yeah but then nobody would get their mail in the summer ;)
missbossy, Apr 06 2004


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