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a telephone with attached breathalyzer.
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The device measures alcohol content via a breathalyser, denying access to the telephone (and the subsequent embarrassment of drunken late-night telephone calls) if alcohol levels exceed a given level.
djymm, Mar 25 2001

M.I.T. Technology Review - Germany http://translate.go...v=%2Flanguage_tools
Aug 13 2004: Siemens is developing a sensor that can be embedded in a handheld phone to do just this. Warning: poorly translated German ahead. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       ....but the breathalyser trips out if you're dialing 911.
Wes, Mar 25 2001

       Right on, man. Only you should be able to program it so that only certain numbers are blocked when you're cocked (e.g. your mother, your day girlfriend, your boss).
caffiend223, Mar 25 2001

       Good point, I suppose "stonerphone" would be pre-programmed with the local pizza-delivery place.
djymm, Mar 26 2001

       Perhaps it could translate drunken ramblings into coherent speech?
Wezard, Apr 02 2003

       I proabably would buy one of these. Someone should make it.
Zimmy, May 04 2003

       //I proabably would buy one of these. Someone should make it// i can have one made if the price is right
andrew1, May 05 2005


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