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spoiler tarpit

Use similar stories to preclude spoilers
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Many stories have some sort of central secret, revealing of this is held to the end. The whodunnit genre, for example, revolves around a detective of some stripe determining which of the various characters was the murderer.
Finding this out early can spoil enjoyment of the book. It can be hard to avoid such spoilers.

I propose that several different versions of such a book could be made, commingled, and distributed together. They would be as similar as possible - same title, same cover in physical copies. But subtle differences would arise throughout, gradually leading the story off in different directions.

Obviously, this might involve a lot of work where clues are deeply embedded in the plot. A much simpler-to-implement version simply changes the names of key characters and varies locations.

Loris, Feb 23 2021

Clue https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clue_(film)
Spoiler alert - Wikipedia gives away all the endings [kdf, Feb 23 2021]


       The “Clue” movie (1985) did something like this - three different endings were filmed and used in various theatres. When released on video it included all three versions. The movie bombed on original release but like many “bad” films got a cult following later - the draw being to know all the versions and analyze (obsess over?) the differences.   

       If you’re lucky, your books might similarly fail upwards.
kdf, Feb 23 2021

       + interesting idea. I would like to read all of the stories! Here’s a literary bun.
xandram, Feb 23 2021

       Quite manipulative and sneaky. What's not to love? +++++
blissmiss, Feb 24 2021

       With culture:book :generator. it can't be oobleck spoiler modelling.   

       But that's some serious mental story boarding. [+]
wjt, Feb 25 2021


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