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spray-on nailpolish

easy way to apply nail polish like spray paint
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Put something around the skin around your nails, such as a type of glove with the nails cut out or tape. The bottle would have a spray applicator, which would be much quicker than the paint on, and maybe dry faster because it would eliminate the clumps and blobs you get on your nails when you paint them, resulting also in a more even coverage of the nail. Another way to use this might be to put cuticle cream or nail moisuriser in a spray-type bottle like you can buy lotion in
girlwholuvsNSync, Dec 05 2000

(?) Digitally sprayed on nail art http://www.diginailart.com
How about a machine that sprays nail art onto your nails in all sorts of designs. This machine is available and being used by thousends of woman all over the world. Its a small step towards the total digital application of make up. [DigiNailArt, Oct 19 2005]


       Getting an accurate cut-out for the nails (which you could at least re-use) or doing a good enough taping job might take as long as painting them. Maybe you could develop a type of polish which adheres to nails but not to skin, so that people (women, mostly) could hold their fingertips in front of an old newspaper, spray them, and wipe the fingers off afterwards. Then again, maybe that sort of thing is tricky to develop.
Monkfish, Dec 05 2000

       How 'bout a two spray program: 1) spray a "masque" over the entire hand; 2) scrape off masque from nails; 3) spray polish on exposed nails; and 4) once dry, peel off remaining masque   

danrue, Dec 05 2000

       Baked. My Nail Tech. uses an airbrush to apply my polish. It's not regular polish (I'm not sure what it is) but it washes off my skin & stays on my nails longer than regular polish does. She also has all these stencils that she can use to airbrush designs onto fingernails, like stars and hearts and other cutsie stuff like that. I'm sure all these tools are available at beauty supply stores and with a little practice anyone can learn to use them.
oic, Dec 05 2000

       When I was a teen, (1980s) they had nail polish in the form of "pens" or "markers." No, for real. I think Aziza put them out. The colors were beautiful, but the polish would go on streaky and the "pens" would dry out after one or two uses.
Sparki, Aug 12 2001

       Guerlain did something similar - but were discontinued - but you might still find them on ebay.
kael, Jul 09 2003

       [ girlwholuvsNSync] lets hear it for a girl who luvs Nsync - bless her and all who ...(sorry)   

       belated +
po, Oct 19 2005


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