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watch Shaker

Shake watch to keep time
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I have one of those fancy swiss watches that uses kinetic motion to wind the watch. It frustrates me to no end when I dont want to wear the watch and I loose the Time,moonphase, date etc... What if their was an invention that you could put your fancy watch on that shakes it every three to four hours to maintain the kinetic winding function.
hawko, Dec 30 2007

Watch Winder http://www.jardin-d.../Watch-Winders.html
you need one of these.... widely available [xenzag, Dec 30 2007]

or this for free power, just strap the watch on... http://www.boingboi...ors-powered-by.html
NSFW, ask no questions and I will tell no lies. [4whom, Dec 30 2007]

Try this USB-powered option http://www.thesourc...ger&product=6313205
Since you're already at the computer, simply strap your watch to this... [Canuck, Dec 30 2007]


       send me the fancy watch and I'll wear it around for you. I'll make sure to shake my wrist every so often too
hooande, Dec 30 2007

       I was content to stay on the sidelines this morning until reading this idea for a product I'd just seen in my dressing room minutes ago. I'm sorry, look in a store or a catalogue or my dressing room next time.
Arcana, Dec 30 2007

       sp: lose.
egbert, Dec 30 2007

       there has to be a teenage joke here somewhere but I just can't think...
po, Dec 30 2007

       These things have existed for years. Spelling, capitalization, punctuation and coherency have existed for much longer. [-]
baconbrain, Dec 31 2007


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