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Life aboard a sailboat was wonderful not because of what I had but because of what I left behind.

Ooolongftangftangbank. Or something like that.

Can be reached at liveandletsdive at gmail

[Dec 11 2015, last modified Sep 14 2016]

(+3) Alternate Restaurant Bathroom Venting
(+3, -1) Alternative Sounds Sound Machine
(+6) Baby Bird Equalizer
(+7) Baking query
(+4) Bullet Camera
(+1) Cat Gym Feeder
(+2) Cellphone Fire Alarm App
 Check for alien life
(+3, -1) Clank Dependent Noise Canceling Radio
(+4, -2) Credit card in your thumb
(+3) Cylindrical Spinnable Fridge
(+4) Distracted driver vote off
(+4) Drunk Driving Pub Crawl Olympics
(+2) Fast Food Fiber Funnel
 Fix Magnetic North
(+5, -1) Flip Flop Mortgage Plan
 Gnatcatcher Hat
(+8)(+8) Happy 2017 Everybody!
(+2) Has Anyone Seen...?
(+5) HB 8-Ball App
(+2) Hi-speed De-leafer
(+4) Household cloud
(+2, -1) Private company infrastructure rebuilds
(+2, -1) Programmable LED clothing
(+5) Querying charger
 Reflex Crosswalk
(+6) Remotely Operated Auto Mechanics
(+1) Reverse credit card
(+4) Rotary Birdhouse Hole
(+4) Rotary Outhouse
(+4) Sleeve Switch Flashlight
(+5) Smear Campaign Ratings
(+2, -1) Solar Powered Garden Rabbit Toaster
(+1) Sports Arena Wall Commemoration
(+4) Superfluous Part Abstract Art
(+4) Tactical Dart Camera
(+3) Thrashing garden hose irrigation

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