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Checks with a Russian Flair!

These checks have a distinctly Russian flair to them in honor of the greatest of the great navigators. Also feature a bust shot of the great Pavel himself.
-- jhomrighaus, Dec 15 2007

Sp: Chequov Cheques
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 15 2007

I was just thinking of an idea for "original art work" cheques, where the cheques are so unique, bizarre or beautiful, that no- one will ever cash them. The larger the amount needing to be paid, the more elaborate the cheque. I may just do them myself!
-- xenzag, Dec 15 2007

i'd like my checks to have Spock's bust shot. [+] may you live long and prosper.
-- pyggy potamus, Dec 15 2007

[xenzag], wasn't that idea pretty much baked by Picasso (except with his signature itself, rather than any actual art on the cheque)?

[jhom], isn't this idea steering a bit close to mfd-pun?

[elf], am I just a grumpy old spoil-sport this morning?
-- pertinax, Dec 15 2007

If you want Russian flair, try bartering with vodka.
-- daseva, Dec 15 2007

sp: Chekhov Checks, and they would depict scenes from Uncle Vanya...
-- globaltourniquet, Dec 16 2007

I think a point was to include the original fake russian cosmonaut. And, eventhough my previous post doesn't care about it, I now pronounce it's indelible mark.

The name is Chekov, [earthtieoff].
-- daseva, Dec 16 2007

I know that, [RussianYesSpanishHeGoes]. It's the old Star Trek vs. late 19th Century Russian Playwrights argument...

Actually, that would be a good game show category: "Star Trek or Russian Play?"

A wealthy professor, tired and bored of life, returns to the land he owns to the dismay of the relative who cared for it for many years. Star Trek or Russian Play?

A famous former military captain and hero with the ability to disguise his appearance takes control of an insane asylum. Star Trek or Russian Play?
-- globaltourniquet, Dec 16 2007

Too true, though the author clearly shows the intended direction for this post. This being said, I like the Russian you choose...

Anton need not be remembered for his worst plays, however. Might we include a short story or two?

Prisoner of war lays brick all day somewhere in Siberia. Star trek or Russian play/short story?

nah, not as effective ;)
-- daseva, Dec 16 2007

We may be compelled to Bones this one ....

"It's a form of payment, Jim, but not as we know it..."
-- 8th of 7, Dec 16 2007

ha haha ha, check off-checks, chekov checks, hahahaaa.. .
-- evilpenguin, Dec 16 2007

Are you laughing with them, or at them, or is this just your garden-variety idiopathic hysterical laughter (again) ?
-- 8th of 7, Dec 16 2007

<Looks around for [jscottypete]>
-- Jinbish, Dec 16 2007

laughing satirically
-- evilpenguin, Dec 16 2007

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