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Really, it's time

The name says it all.

I thought this idea had been posted before but I could not find it.

It seems to me most people here are computer experts, people who like computers and like having computer related gadgets.

Why not make an app?

Halfbakery on my phone works but is slow and not good enough.

Probably an app would cost money. Possibly it could make money.

Possibly some halfbakers would join in on the investment.

I don't know how these things work, but many halfbakers do.

Is there a specific reason there is no app and can this reason be circumnavigated ? [sp?]

I would really like to have this app (android).

Would you?

(sorry if my searching was inadequate and this has already been discussed)
-- zeno, Aug 07 2011

This might work for you... http://www.halfbakery.com/lr
HB Low Res [FlyingToaster, Aug 07 2011, last modified Aug 08 2011]

Palm HalfBakery Portal
[xaviergisz, Aug 08 2011]

Get an rss reader app.
-- rcarty, Aug 07 2011

I'll look that up.
-- zeno, Aug 07 2011

Have you tried our Value Menu yet ? <link>
-- FlyingToaster, Aug 07 2011

Can you use HB on a mobile web-browser already? Yep.

Would the experience be a little bit nicer with an app? absolutely.

There are only about 3 websites that I visit on my phone: HB, facebook and reddit. Reddit and facebook already have apps which are great. Also having a HB app would very nice.
-- xaviergisz, Aug 08 2011

Thanks for the input. I'll admit that a big part of wanting this app is that I just want to see that quasant in between my facebook and gmail apps.
-- zeno, Aug 08 2011

"quasant " ???
-- 8th of 7, Aug 08 2011

We (us?) Apple People don't know or care how it works. We just want it to look nice and cute.
-- sqeaketh the wheel, Aug 10 2011

Yes, but through our insane fandom, as of today Apple Corp. has a market capitalization equal to Exxon - the largest in the world. Although I admit I'm not sure what a "quasant" is.
-- sqeaketh the wheel, Aug 10 2011

A mobile HB app could present us with all manner of interesting possibilities. An easily customisable views panel, advanced searches, an improved annotation interface, an indication of which ideas have had more annotations/links since the last time you looked, per'aps in real time. Automatically updated home screen. And it would look pretty. I'm for it, but have zero expertise to make it. Bun anyway [+]
-- theleopard, Aug 10 2011

Quasant = thing in the top left corner of this webpage, no?
-- calum, Aug 10 2011

Yes, I'm always in doubt how to spell it so I settled for this, I think it looks nice.
-- zeno, Aug 10 2011

Don't be in doubt - try the correct spelling instead! But no croissant from me I'm afraid...
-- goff, Aug 11 2011

Just for the record, since nobody's mentioned them yet, I'm on HB on my Ipad (original flavor) and it works just fine. I, too, fail to see how a special app would improve my Halfbaking experience.
-- Alterother, Aug 11 2011

Dollars to donuts that the naysayers would use this app if/when it exists.

I can think of at least one halfbaker who has the ability of making this app. If that person wants to get the ball rolling with a 'kickstarter' I'll happily make a contribution.
-- xaviergisz, Aug 12 2011

OK, whatever you want to call yourself, you're going to use it.
-- xaviergisz, Aug 12 2011

Being almost entirely ignorant of this stuff, I don't know what IOS is or how it makes my Magical Glowing Picture Box any different from other devices, but thanks for setting me straight, anyway.
-- Alterother, Aug 12 2011

Cool. I suppose I could have guessed that. I know a little about PC stuff, but not much about Apple stuff (beyond that when I turn it on, it does what I want it to do without giving me a whole bunch of bullshit, which is why the next computer I buy and every one after will be a Mac).
-- Alterother, Aug 12 2011

[21] you've tested it on loads of systems. Do any of them do text wrap? Mine doesn't, and zooming in and scrolling the screen around is annoying. An app would have text wrap, so there's a plus in itself, unless someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong?
-- theleopard, Aug 12 2011

I'm using Dolphin browser on android and it fits the text of HB (wraps the text) into the screen after you zoom.
-- xaviergisz, Aug 12 2011

Maybe I just need a new browser...

Dolphin recommended?
-- theleopard, Aug 12 2011

Dolphin is OK. I got it because of the positive reviews at the android marketplace. I haven't tried any of the other browsers except the one that came installed with the phone.
-- xaviergisz, Aug 12 2011

Cheers [21], appreciate the info.
-- theleopard, Aug 12 2011

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