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RhinoCans   (+13)  [vote for, against]
A rounded, pyramidal shaped depression in the lid.

To allow one to finish the contents without changing from the prone-on-elbows position required for beaches, ottomans and big pouffes.

Afterward it can be used to mould your sand sculpture's nose.
-- shudderprose, Dec 14 2009

Bottle top
Attaches to cans to make them more bottle-drinky-like. No mention of the nose issue, however. [tatterdemalion, Dec 14 2009]

I find this idea funny, conical even. Perhaps they can fire up the ol' factory for manufacturing porpoises. No serious disadvantages. Septum, for those with large noses. Better hire in some good de-sinus.

Bun, just for using the term big pouffes, with a straight face.
-- 4whom, Dec 14 2009

I don't understand. How does a nose-shaped depression in the lid help with finishing the contents? All I can imagine is that it makes a nose-shaped depression in the contents, which is something that one would presumably create oneself by eating the parts of the contents that occupy a nose-shaped section of the can's interior. Help?
-- jutta, Dec 14 2009

It's a nose-shaped dent - I imagine [shudderprose] has a very prominent nose.
-- hippo, Dec 14 2009

I got that part (comment edited to clarify), but I still don't understand why a factory-made hole improves on a consumer-made one.

(Oh. *Drinking*! D'oh.)
-- jutta, Dec 14 2009

I just got it... you stick your nose in the dent then you can tilt the can up more... [+]
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 14 2009

Hmmm, yes - a hammer, custom-made to the exact dimensions of your nose, could be used to create such a dent in any can - or indeed, anyone.
-- hippo, Dec 14 2009

Thanks [FT]. Tilting your head back enough to drink the last bits in a can is difficult in the p-o-e position, partly because of the lid. A whole hole isn't necessary [jutta], just a dent, although a split pull ring would make a more anatomical mould.

wb [4whom].
-- shudderprose, Dec 14 2009

Ah, just on your last annotation, [shudderprose], it took me until then to work out that this is about drinking from a can.

I think you'll run into problems with pressurized liquids such as carbonated soda or beer pushing your indentation back out. Perhaps a can could be designed with a top that removes completely, or with raised sides - an extra cylindrical portion added, perhaps... either of which design would approximate drinking from a cup.
-- tatterdemalion, Dec 14 2009

I see problems following this years Camping World Truck Nascar Series throughout the U.S. Southeast. Leaving a drunk Nascar fan hovering above his nose-indent-top beer can is too much like leaving a toddler unattended in a backyard kiddy pool.
-- outloud, Dec 14 2009

with the nose to balance it you could manage hands-free drinking.
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 14 2009

[Ian Tindale] you can't be blamed, it would take a while to work up the nerve to try decades-old rice pudding.
-- tatterdemalion, Dec 14 2009

[+] for Hippo's anno
-- pocmloc, Dec 14 2009

Just saw the "Bottle Top" for the first time this weekend, but that and this solution both ignore the main issue, the fact that the opening doesn't touch the side. As a caffeine addict that doesn't like coffee, I have solved this solution with a venturi type maneuver to extract the last drops of Mountain Dew from my cans.

In any case the novelty of this is intriguing, except my nose goes over the edge of the can so unless this idea is only for Foster's drinkers, it has little use. Maybe is is because Mountain Dew has a can that tapers at the top. If so, this problem is already solved in a better fashion.
-- MisterQED, Dec 14 2009

One of the year's strangest ideas, leads to one of the year's funniest threads. (Oh god, someone shoot me with the apostrophe gun, I've lost the directions, again.)
-- blissmiss, Dec 14 2009

There are two solutions to the "nose proclivity" problem. The one is a spout protruding into the mouth, the other would be this idea of a nose-like recess. Without wanting to sound like a nostril, I believe they both reduce to the same trivial point. Else take Norville Barnes's know....for drinks!
-- 4whom, Dec 14 2009

@ [blissmiss] }=== ’‘‚,’‘‚¨.‘¸¨‘‚'"’‘‚"’''¨¸¨,.¨ ¸¨‘¸'"’''‘¸¨'‘¸'''¨¸¨'" <aargh>
-- pocmloc, Dec 14 2009

Hate to say [shudder...] but I did call it from [21...]
-- 4whom, Dec 14 2009

[+], although Pinocchio would have a hard time.
-- DrWorm, Dec 14 2009

Another approach would be to mount the cans on the back of the head, attached to an apparatus with tubes running along each side of the head to the front face part, ending at each corner of the mouth. Taking a drink then would be accomplished by nodding forward, freeing one's nose from any involvement in the procedure.

Who is rose and why are you so rude to her, by the way?
-- tatterdemalion, Dec 14 2009

-- senatorjam, Dec 15 2009

It's a ghost, a ghost of senatorjam past...YAY!
-- blissmiss, Dec 15 2009

Hey Blissie, feel that way sometimes...down here in the rain forest
-- senatorjam, Dec 17 2009

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