I'm not the kind of person who feels comfortable writing about myself, but events have encouraged me to share some personal information.

I live in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada, hence the name Canuck. I have never perceived the term Canuck to be derogatory, nor have I ever used it in that manner.

I work far too much and do not spend nearly enough time here with my half-baked friends, as my modest list of ideas reflects.

I discovered this site many years ago while searching for "Silent Velcro", and it caught my interest right away. I lurked for a few months until I worked up enough courage to annotate an idea and the rest, as they say, is history.

These days I come back here whenever I can, but especially when I need a good laugh, or a good cry. You people, you bakers, you're all nuts and I love each and every one of you. Well, maybe not bungston. Just kidding!

One of my happiest half-baking moments came when I first saw one of my taglines appear below that plate of partial pastry atop the page. Of course, it's a double-edged sword: it makes me strive for more, but also provides me with validation for coming here.

Need to send me email? It's gdmurray at shaw dot ca

[Jun 30 2001, last modified Apr 27 2009]

Adopt-a-Pothole (+1, -1)
Balderdash Scrabble (+10, -6)
Bumper Stinker (+3, -2)
Cottonwood cotton (+3)
Hearsay Kisses (0)
Homing Umbrella* (-4)
HotBrella (+2)
Humming Presents (0)
iPipes (+2)
Laughabrella (+7)
Marijuana Maze (+5, -2)
Number-scanning Phone (0)
Schrödinger's Fireplace (+2, -1)
Scraper Brush in a Holster (-1)
Staple Me Elmo (+7)
Talking Shelf Tag (-1)
The Big "O" Pill (+3, -7)
The Cloverleaf Code (+1)
Trash Talk Sports (+1, -1)
Wake-up Monitor (+3, -2)
Who Do You Think You Are? (+4, -2)

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