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Software developer living in the USA.

I enjoy hiking, golfing, boating, camping, and anything else that involves my wife and kids.

I'm big into emergency preparation, electronics, and self sufficiency. Former Boy Scout - "Be Prepared". However, I'm not a fanatical nut on this stuff.

[Sep 23 2005, last modified Oct 04 2005]

(+2, -1) Auto Thermal Storage
(+1, -2) Clear Panels
(-2) Drive Through
(+4, -3) Emergency Heat
(+3) Emergency Power Source
(+18, -4)(+18, -4) Merge By Persuasion
 Pass Phrase
(+4) Power Failure Stove Reset
 Purpose Built
(+4, -1) Reduced Premiums
(+15)(+15) Safer Truck Tire Shards
(+2, -3) The DC PC
(+5) Towable Travel Battery

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