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Auto Thermal Storage

Store Up Unused Engine Heat For Later Use
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Create a thermos type device, probably filled with salt, through which pass a series of tubes. The tubes are connected to a thermostatic valve that is then connected to the heating loop in your car. While the engine is running, and warm, coolant passes through the series of coils inside this device. When you arrive at your destination, remove this device (quick connect hose connectors) and then bring it into your home. Once in your home, the device is placed in a special device that pumps coolant through the thermos type device to extract the stored heat. The heated coolant is then piped through a small radiator/fan type device.
BMCCUE, Oct 13 2005


       It would work epecially well, up here in New Hampshire, where everyone drives an SUV and during the winter, people leave their monstrous cars unattended, idling for 45+ minutes, just to get them warmed up.
jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

       A good volume of coolant in a vacuum container like a big thermos jug would be good. Toyota Prius hybrids have a small insulated coolant resivoir that traps hot coolant after the ignition is turned off. The coolant flows through the engine upon next startup- really helps with cold-start emissions. Probably makes for speedy heat-up
KineticKill, Mar 05 2008


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