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Drive Through

Drive Through Chinese Restaurant
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If the majority of people only pick food up at a Chinese restaurant, then why not have a drive through Chinese restaurant. The main food dishes could be prepared and ready (much like those in a mall's food court). The name of the restaurant would be "Wok & Roll".
BMCCUE, Sep 23 2005

Chinese food restaurant w/drive-through http://lite.globalb...e/listing66627.html
Restaurant listed for sale in Georgia. [bristolz, Sep 23 2005]

Funny things heard at restaurants http://rinkworks.co...d/restaurants.shtml
Have a restaurant that uses all of these as signs [sleeka, Sep 23 2005]


       Cute name but not an original invention. There are a couple around Seattle.   

       Generally, it's good form to conduct a search to see if your proposed idea is original or not.   

       Also, a better idea title would be a Good Thing. "Drive through" is so general.
bristolz, Sep 23 2005

       It might become a a good idea if you made it quirky. You don’t even have to serve Chinese food. Just make all the signs at your drive through look like poor yet funny translations. For example:   

       "Open seven days a week. Closed Sundays."   

       “Now hiring/two French dips/for $2”   

       "We are Handicapped - Friendly. For example, if you are blind, we will read the menu for you."   

       “Sorry, we no longer serve the half-dozen chicken nugget meal. Now it comes with 6 nuggets!”   

       See <link>
sleeka, Sep 23 2005

       Great link!
daseva, Sep 23 2005

       "The day Sleeka became a HalfBaker"   

       "Whats with all the Caps?"   

po, Sep 23 2005


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