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Personally, I'm male, born 1960 in the USA, married 1986 and remain so, have cats, guitars, and all the hair nature still permits me.

Educationally and professionally, I drifted from humanities to art to math, in which I got a BS in 1982, then into IT, where I've remained, a gradually more exalted and exhausted species of code monkey

Webbisly, I'm a veteran of such old defunct fora as plastic.com and arguably the present benevolent dictator of a small, active science one (no URL here, as I’m not yet familiar with halfbakery’s policies regarding spam/self promotion) that strives with a medium-firm fist to be on average at least 3/4s baked.

[Aug 05 2012, last modified Aug 06 2012]

(+6) Annoying screw replacement
(+4) Archimedes Pet Fountain
(+3) Chat expectancy feature
(+3) e-MagnaDoodle
(+6) E-paper wool carpet
(+4) Electronic security cable latch
 Enhanced home ice advantage
(+3) Pedal-pick 2-handed double-neck guitar
(+1) Pez Autoloader
(+5) Rotary engine duct fan SkyCar
(+2) Wifi powered decoration

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