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Electronic security cable latch

Do not resist innovation
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The employer’s policies assume cubeland is thick with marauding packs of thieves and industrial spies ready to pounce the moment anyone takes the briefest biobreak, so mandates all laptops be cabled to the furniture when they’re not clutched in our sweaty wage slave hands. So at least 2 time an on-site day, I’ve got to pull out a fat cylindrical key to lock and unlock said cable to my commodity laptop.

Pitched to Dell/HP/Lenavo/Apple in partnership with Kesington: a software-controlled electronic latch where the current security slot is on a standard laptop, so instead of a physical key or combination lock on the cable, you just click on an little padlock icon on the laptop screen, or sexier still, a little icon on your smartphone or watch.

Bonus feature: in the dreadful event that the laptop can’t be start, it ain’t goin’ nowhere without the help of some implement of destruction.

At first glance, the product replaces a proven, robust, widely used mechanical system with a more expensive, failure-prone, and hackable (now both physically and computer metaphorically) one, but, wait, that’s not a drawback, it’s innovation.

CraigD, Apr 26 2016

Close relative... http://theworstthin...-bluetooth-padlock/
...follow the link and read the loving reviews... [normzone, Apr 26 2016]


       Sounds good to me...
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2016

hamadeh, Dec 29 2016


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