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Enhanced home ice advantage

Chemical and biological ritualized warfare stretching the boundaries of sportsmanlike conduct
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Allow the home team to chemically treat their ice and modify or treat their equipment with a counteragent.

For a more visceral game, allow them to treat the ice and air with biological allergens, irritants, and pathogens.

The visiting team is free to employ countermeasures, but knot knowing precisely how the home team has treated the ice and/or air, will be at a disadvantage.

CraigD, Apr 08 2016


       I thought this was going to be about protecting one's home from being damaged by or encased in ice.
notexactly, Apr 12 2016


       After the 7th time of reading this, I realized you're talking about ice *hockey* - is that right?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 12 2016

       //After the 7th time of reading this, I realized you're talking about ice *hockey* - is that right?// Yeah, this idea’s about ice hockey, specifically the NHL variety. Mentioning this beyond the spot:hockey category and "ice" seemed to me heavy-handed and redundant.   

       It’s genesis was being in the room with a TV and a Washington Capitals fan for several showing of recent games, in which I osmotically absorbed an awareness of the rules of a game I played on a pickup and school club level from childhood through my teens, then practically forgot about for a few decades. Commentators’ talk about the advantage a team has of playing on their home ice rink, especially when it has not recently been dismantled and reassembled after the arena’s use for non-hockey purposes – which consists of knowing subtle qualities of the temperature and hardness of the ice, irregularities in the bordering boards and plexiglass, etc – go me wondering how these subtle variations could be made less subtle, which leads, step-by-step, predictably, inevitably, to thoughts of chemical and biological warfare.
CraigD, Apr 13 2016

       //sport:hockey category// Ah yes. Point prenée.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 13 2016


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