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[Mar 22 2001]
(+2) Central Index of Desired Features/Improvements
(+8)(+8) ConsumerAlternative.com
(+8, -3) Dictionary: C++ to Java, Java to C++
(+2, -1) Digi Cam/Scan
 Electronic catalog with copyright references
(+2) Expert Buyer Service
(+13, -2)(+13, -2) Grouping windows by task
 IM: Watch who you want
(+3, -1) Just-in-time Email
(+3) Meta-Engine for Recent News
(+3, -2) Never lose anything again
(+4, -1) Parking Spot Indicator Light
(-3) Play around with Unix
(+8, -1) Reformatted Browsing
(+3, -2) telephone music selection
(-4) what am I sharing?

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