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what am I sharing?

find your local path from your Windows network path
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It seems most versiond of Windows have no obvious way for you to see what folders you are sharing on the network. Even if you look at your shared folder thru the network and then search for the folder name locally, you are not guaranteed to find its path in your machine because the "shared name" is often different from the local name. The result could be that you can't change the content, or you can't stop sharing some files, since permissions are set using the local path.

My idea is for an app that would allow a local user to find his local path given the network path.

GusLacerda, Feb 21 2002

Windows http://www.microsof...windows/default.asp
I imagine you will find what you need here. [mcscotland, Feb 21 2002]

Google groups http://groups.googl...d+directories&hl=en
There's bound to be something here too. [mcscotland, Feb 21 2002]


       Huh? I'm not sure where I begin with this. Might I suggest you try look at these links, or read your OS's documentation. The halfbakery is not tech. support.
mcscotland, Feb 21 2002

       It's a reasonable question, mscotland. If one has changed the name of a folder, or given it a different share name, it can be difficult to find.   

       Me, I just go into the tree view of Windows Explorer, and look to see what has the little blue hand.
StarChaser, Feb 22 2002

       So open 'Network Neighborhood' or 'My Network Places', double-click on your computer and voila!, a list of your shares.   

       In NT/2K/XP open the 'Computer Management' administrative tool, open 'Shared Folders', then open 'Shares'. Same info.
phoenix, Feb 22 2002


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