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IM: Watch who you want

Choose which buddies you want to watch
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As far as I know, AIM doesn't allow us to choose which buddies we want to watch ("open door", "slam door" sounds). It assumes that we want to watch *ALL* of them. If you have a lot of buddies, this can be a bit of a nuisance during the peak logon/logoff hours.

The user should be able to define a subset of buddies which he wants to be notified about. I want to see whther they are there when I look for them, but I don't want to be notified when I'm not looking.

If there are clones out there that allow this without introducing other handicaps, please let me know.

GusLacerda, Apr 04 2001


       PeterSealy: As far as I know there is no Watch List in the current implementation. There is a Buddy list and that's it. I've re-edited the idea, hoping to make it clearer to you. Now, do you understand why I don't want to take them off my buddy list?
GusLacerda, Apr 04 2001

       As there are several AIM clones out there, I'm sure one or more have this functionality.
bookworm, Apr 04 2001

       You can turn off the sign on/off sounds and assign alerts to your particular buddies in AIM. baked.
Eugene, Feb 26 2004

       try Trillian
-----, Mar 04 2005


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