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Isaac Ji Kuo

[Mar 17 2007]
(+4) 3d Magnetic Pen
 Amphibious Paddlewheel Sphere
 Broomstick Parasailing
(-1) Bug Zapper Bulbs
(-1) Cannonball Trolley
(+2, -3) EFP Shotgun
(+1) Foam Zorb
(+3) Head Phone
(+4) Magnetic Inductance CVT
 Microwave Rear Projector
 Multi-ball Spherical Motor
(+1) Opposed Piston Twin-Ball Rotary
(+1) Pez-soft
(+6, -1) Plunger Toilet
(+4) Pneumatic Cannon Powered Catapult
(+4) Popcorn Popper/Levitator
 Remote Control Subbuteo
(+2) Remote Control Vibrating Electric Football
(+1, -2) Solar Fiber Laser
(+3) Spinning OLED projector
(+6) Spitball Billboard
(+3) Stealthed Highlighter Clicky Pen
(+5) Ultrasonic Flat Panel Display
(+5, -1) Under-rug Vacuum Cleanerbot
 Virtual Mouse
(+10, -5) Wheeled Treadmill
(+3) Wobulation CCD sensor

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