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Realistic looking air-soft style guns which shoot Pez instead of plastic pellets.
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Pez-soft is a tastier and more enviornmentally friendly version of airsoft. Unlike airsoft, which uses round plastic pellets, Pez-soft uses elongated pellets which are designed for use in gun-like box magazine dispensers.

Conveniently, Pez already comes packaged in "strips" of ammo and existing Pez dispensers can readily be adapted for use in a gun mechanism.

IJK, Mar 27 2007

Pez guns http://www.ebay.com...ez-guns/58983491019
Pez-shooting toy guns styled after the Walther PPK and various scifi ray guns [CraigD, Mar 13 2016, last modified Mar 14 2016]


       Well baked in by no later than the late 1960s - see link
CraigD, Mar 13 2016

       // Walthur //   

       Sp. "Walther"
8th of 7, Mar 13 2016


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