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Remote Control Vibrating Electric Football

Electric football figures are speed controlled by harmonic resonance.
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Electric Football is a "game" involving a vibrating playfield and a bunch of miniature figures which creep forward due to the vibrations. The problem? An almost complete lack of control.

This remote control version gives the players some control. Each figure has a three pronged "E" shaped base. The middle prong supports the figure. This prong is tipped by a rubber brake.

The other two prongs are thin so they can vibrate like arms of a tuning fork. Each figure has prongs of different length/thickness so they resonate at different frequencies.

Under normal circumstances, the rubber brake keeps the figure from moving. However, if there are vibrations at the resonant frequency, the tuning fork prongs resonate, fanning up/down, lifting the figure up in the air. This lifts the brake off the ground, thus letting the figure creep forward.

Each player has a set of buttons corresponding to each of his figures. Press the button, and the vibration speaker is fed a tone of the corresponding frequency. That figure moves forward. Since multiple tones can be additively overlapped, any number of the figures can be simultaneously commanded.

This gives the players some semblance of control, while maintaining the importance of strategic setup of the figures.

IJK, Mar 22 2007




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