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Shipwrecked off Cape Town 9 April 1963; moved around a bit and then came back about ten years ago.

dawie underscore coetzee at (Swift's uncouth humanoid) dot co dot uk

[Dec 21 2006, last modified Dec 07 2007]

 Ample Gearbox
(+2) Appliance Kicker
 Automotive Y Prize
(+8, -1) Auxiliary electric rear-wheel-drive
 Axle locating linkage
(+10)(+10) Banana-Plan Luggage
(+2, -1) Contracting Furniture
(-2) Deck spacer plate with "squish tabs"
(+3) Doorbell Repeater
(+18, -1)(+18, -1) Generic Hardware
(+4, -1) Hatchfront
(+2, -1) High-performance F-head engine
(+6, -1) Internally Ventilated Drum Brakes
(-5)(-5) Overdriven driveline
(+14)(+14) Prime? button
(+4, -1) Rear-engine Conversion Kit
(+7) Retracting Christmas Tree
(+4, -1) Rocking Trailing-Link Suspension
 Roll Control by Roll Centre Migration
 Sidecar outfit bus
(+5) Sleeve-valve two-stroke diesel
(+6) Sprocketbox
(+4, -1) Start-up oil pump
(+3, -2) Stone dashboard
(+1, -7)(+1, -7) Torque converter behind transmission
 Vertical-crankshaft motorcycle
 Water-Powered Brush
(+2, -1) Wind-turbine boat

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