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Wind-turbine boat

Electric boat powered by wind turbine
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Basically, it's a boat with a windmill on it.

No, it's not perpetual motion, it's just another way to use the speed difference between the air and an object floating in water.

The wind turbine has a device to keep it pointed into the wind. When one sails into the wind, one's speed is added to the wind speed, and the turbine generates more current. And vice versa.

Ned_Ludd, Jan 25 2007

AeroGen http://www.unlimite..._wind_turbines.html
For boats and other things [skinflaps, Jan 25 2007]

D400 http://www.energyen...D400WindTurbine.asp
For boats and other things [skinflaps, Jan 25 2007]

Wind Turbine Powered Boat http://www.tsca.net...Scot/054Turbine.jpg
Don't know how stable this thing is, however someone's done it. [skinflaps, Jan 25 2007]

Revelation II http://foxxaero.hom...com/indrad_007.html
Wind Turbine Boat. [skinflaps, Jan 25 2007]


       Put wings on it and take off.
skinflaps, Jan 25 2007

       I think the power generated that way wouldn't be enough to power the ship. And the increased drag on the windmill flaps would contradict the propulsion generated. A windmill could help the main engine, but not serve as primary propulsion.   

       But that line of thought is valid; there is talk of creating giant drag parachutes to pull tankers, supplementing the on-board engines. In good wind conditions, this would save up to 20% on the fuel.   

       I had a similar idea to yours, only it didn't involve the electrical part, mechanical transmission only. The windmill would be connected to the propellers via a gearbox.   

       Objectively, your idea deserves half a bun, but I'll round it up [+]
Veho, Jan 25 2007

       I believe they're thinking or are doing this with barges.Also some guy has designed a catamaran with a verticle wind turbine held within the deck.
skinflaps, Jan 25 2007

       That "Revelation II" link is exactly what I was talking about.   

       ...aaand, it's been done. I feel deflated now.
Veho, Jan 25 2007

       the way you describe it is a PMM If you were using the wind to propel yourself you would generate less power as the wind would be coming from the rear of the boat. If you were powered then you would use up slightly more energy for every bit you generated.   

       If you were talking about something like the revelation thing then this is Baked.
jhomrighaus, Jan 25 2007


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