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Water-Powered Brush

Rotating dish-washing brush powered by flow of water
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This is to facilitate manual washing of dishes, thus avoiding the electricity and excessive water consumption of a dishwasher.

A flexible hose is attached to a suitable mixer tap. The other end is fitted with a garden-hose-type pistol-grip that has an extention containing a small water turbine or positive-displacement motor. This turns a roughly hemispherical brush at the end of the device.

The turbine or motor is sized to make the most of the available water pressure. When the trigger is squeezed the brush spins rapidly, though without much torque, while releasing a relatively small amount of water between the bristles of the brush. With the odd drop of washing-up liquid here and there it should make light work of the dishes, especially pernickety things like glasses that are just slightly taller than one’s fingers are long.

A useful feature would be a bypass valve (thumb-controlled?) that makes water directly available for rinsing, without having to change implements.

Ned_Ludd, Apr 16 2007

Take Your Pick http://www.pressure...X3aQCFQV2gwodaBixLg
Powered Dish Brushes [Boomershine, Oct 19 2010]


       [Ned] - would the whirling brush not spray you with airborne food bits, not to mention water?
bungston, Apr 16 2007

       If there were some way to make sure the food bits flew into into your gaping mouth, I would be more enthusiastic.
bungston, Apr 16 2007

       This seems far more water-wasteful than a dishwasher. In this regard, a dishwasher is very frugal.
Texticle, Apr 16 2007

       I was thinking of posting a similar thing tonight. I think there is mileage in a powered brush (perhaps oscillating like an electric toothbrush, rather than rotary), and also one would want it to be fed with water and soap. However, to counter the waste of constantly running fresh water, how about extracting water from the bottom of the sink? Add in a grease trap and a filter, and an in-line heater, and the water can be recycled pretty much endlessly. You could do the entire sink full of dishes with a cupful of water.
pocmloc, Oct 18 2010

       //You could do the entire sink full of dishes with a cupful of water.//   

       A cupful of very dirty water, I think. Also, several baked versions. [link]
Boomershine, Oct 19 2010


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