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Whenever is that 3rd edition coming??? -----------------------------------------------------------------

. . ."After tea she read them a story. They liked her stories. the one in the book was pretty awfull, but the Susan version was well received. She translated as she read. '...and then Jack chopped down the beanstalk, adding murder and ecological vandalism to the theft, enticement and tresspass charges already mentioned, but he got away with it and lived happily ever after without so much as a guilty twinge about what he had done. Which proves that you can be excused just about anything if you are a hero, becouse no one asks inconvenient questions. " . . .

. . ." 'Does it matter if you get the presents anyway?' she said, making a direct appeal to greed. ' 'es'.
Oh dear, oh dear. Susan sat down on the bed, wondering how the hell to get through this. She patted the one visible hand.
'Look at it this way, then,' she said, and took a deep mental breath. 'Wherever people are obtuse and absurd. . . and wherever they have, by even the most generous standards, the attention span of a small chicken in a hurricane and the investigative ability of a one-legged cockroach. . .and wherever people are inanely credulous, pathetically attached to the certainties of the nursery and, in general, have as much grasp of the realities of the physical universe as an oyster has of mountaineering** yes, Twyla: there is a Hogfather.' ". . .

And for those of you who thought I was really a great writer: This is from Hogfather, by Terry Pratchett

Its the little things that make me livid
Blue teeth,tuesday mornings,and a certain muppit,
they somehow seem to be meretricious
A pundit glancing surrepticous,
But, hedonistically, I turn to my pivot:
a 21 year old Glenlivet


A Dictionary, a dictionary,
be my best friend merry
Comes the time for it,
does aid me in my wit

Efficacious to a degree;
Finicky by decree
Gives a lingual ford,
heraldry strikes a chord,
in which I can tresspass safely,
joustling words humourously.

Kale, kangaroo and koalin
leave my face adorned with grin.
Muscle to my ignorance shield
No sooner it the answers yield
Over, under and up the page
pressing words to engage.

Questionnaire most easily,
reveales a certain propinquity
some to which I can effectuate
the unlimited supply of rhyme debate.
Unfathomable dephts for my lingual dismay.
Vacuous coulter, to you I just pray

Whithin all these pages I finally see,
Xenophobic, words can never be
Yates I truly am not
Zest though, I sure have a lot

With many many many thanks to <Half> for showing me the right way to editing.


Preaching: [How lovely does the berry bush grow underneath a bluetoothed moon]

There needs to be a quota for ideas posted on the Halfbakery. I simply do not have enough time to read them all. And lately the number of ideas per day seems to have increased. SMITE

Brother Crow has paid me a visit. Which is strange because I live in a city. he said to me:
Caw caw caw.
Unfortunately for him, or me, I do not understand it.

The world IS coming to an end. It will just take a few Billion years.
So I suppose that the prophecies are right, the're just of by a couple of milleniums.

23-05-2005 Coowie, I just received my first croissant!

Mental note: Buy earplugs. Second mental note: make that a soundbarrier


If F = M . A then why are bulky people so slow?

15-6-05 "by attempting to create more rules. This, obviously, leads to nothing more than narrower, and more complex spaces between rules, which leads to a greater number of areas of uncertainty and, ultimately, to more lawyers."

This anno by [Calum] explains to me in the most eloquant way that the paradox of Zeno of Elea is still alive and kicking.


People who are attuned to the stars should be allowed to work during the night and sleep during the day. (and with help of [Worldgineer} ) able to drink during the early evenings. Thusly!

RANDOM THOUGHTS (will be updated regularly so those of you who actually read this, check this out first when it says "edited")

I am a LARP player (live action role play). It keeps me sane. I get to be exactly how I wanna be without the usual excuses (social behaviour). In this LARP game I play I am a druid with the faction Phoenix (fire). It shows the duality in my nature:
Tender nature (earth), nurturing, love of life)
Flaming spirit (fire within, hack, maim).
To illustrate this seemingly impossible biassness: I am the only druid in the faction since the founding, 10 years ago. In fact the head druid was rather surprised to hear I was with Phoenix and responded with "Finally!".

Now, I have recently begun a study of herbal medicine and it suddenly occured to me: Life is one big LARP game! The only difference being that in 'real life' I have to work for my money. But I can still enter groups (the P's again), biding my time untill I get to that point where I wanna be. This occured to me about 2 weeks ago and thusforth (word especially use for [wagster]) I have treated life as such. And it looks like it is paying off!
Only downside is that Phoenix is most about fighting and drinking but I'll work my way around that. (intolerance to alcohol seems to be improving by 1 beer per month).

"when we eventually attack Iraq.." from The Crispy Crunchy US Army

Its been 4 years already....

Mauna Loa, Hawaii. 7 days of peace and tranquility, upon return: 9-11-2001...

I am going into hybernation for a month or so. I may not have been a halfbaker for long but I sure as hell am not going to waste my time with poeple who use ther ants 4 backwords ideas (sic). Maybe when school is back in or rather when THEY are back in it or in it for the first time, the level will go up again.
Or maybe the halfbakery is dying by its own succes. In which case I hope it follows the course of nature: Nurishment will be depleted and the breeding will come to a halt.

Enough with the ranting. Its boring even me.

"You're not really rowing with both oars in the water, are you, [10clock]?"
UnaBubba on 'GasBalls' which I thought was going to be about personal extremities. (God, I miss his cunning rebuttles)

I'm thinking Emma is going to be a great future halfbaker, the way she keeps trying to merge the playstation console with my hairclip.

And another idea bites the dust. So far Po has beaten me to it twice. By by baby-swiffer.

"I think the reason why people would come up with something like this is because they know they have no right to be angry, but they still want to be.

What a waste of energy."
Pericles, Aug 28 2005 on Hidden Messages by Dub.
Apparantly I am not the only one ...

"Governments are a primitive life form not unlike viruses. Their primary function is to suck resources out of their constituents and increase their own size."
Normzone on "Natural disaster insurance act" by Lodanfour20 Still laughing about that one!

Blackadder is back.
There is this warm cuddly feeling inside my stomach and a full wide grinned smile all over my face. Now if only the other two could find it in their harts and minds to let by gones be by gones....

23-09-05 Still learning..
All the leaves are brown...
Actually, there not. Some are red or yellow. Great song though.

10-11-05 Thud is out, for anyone interested. The latest by TP and very good again.

23-03-06 Darn. My first fish. Must be all those newbies..

27-05-06 Its that time of the year agan, my birthday holly day is coming up again, and I'm wondering if it's all worth it...

10-08-08 Well what a great period to be absent. The newest member has been born and is alive and really kicking. Welcome Luyt Alexander into this wonderfull world.

21-10-16 Wauw, 8 years absence... On the upside, finally found that alfabetic poem again and the Zeno quote!

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