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Rhunes Keyboard

A Wicca'ed challenge for DrCurry
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Like it says. A keyboard but with only 24 letters, since there are only 24 rhunes in the Futhark alfabet. Two types: beginner: The usual letters appear on the keys but when typed on the keyboard, are printed as the corresponding rhunes Expert: The rhunes themselves appear both on the keys and, when typed, on screen.
Susan, Mar 10 2006

(?) Futhark Keyboard Stickers http://www.language...yboard_stickers.jpg
More than 24 keys, course, but how else are you going to type email addresses and numbers? [DrCurry, Mar 10 2006]

24-key keyboard http://www.fentek-i.../keypad.htm#kpp24ps
You'll have to map the keys yourself, using the previous link. [DrCurry, Mar 10 2006]

Looks like I'm not the only one http://www.google.n...l=nl&q=Rhunes&meta=
To Rhune or not to Rune [Susan, Mar 22 2006]


       Um, why me? And "Futhark alfabet" = tautology.
DrCurry, Mar 10 2006

       Because you believe everything allready exists.
Susan, Mar 10 2006

       Ah. That is a commonly held belief, rather than reality.   

       In general, novel arrangements for keyboard keys are not much of a half-baked idea, since it is so easy to map keys in most operating systems. I have even seen keyboards that can be mapped on the fly, with the button display changing to match the assignment.   

       But I don't think you're going to please anyone using the Halfbakery for a game of trivial pursuits, so I will not be pursuing further challenges like this one.
DrCurry, Mar 10 2006

       //Susan: actually, I think *everything* exists already; but in this case I saw a link. It wasn't interesting enough to post, though. [DrCurry, Mar 10 2006]//   

       Well, you can't really blame her for just repeating what you said elsewhere.
jurist, Mar 10 2006

       You never said anything in irony or jest? Ever? I can believe that.
DrCurry, Mar 10 2006

       I enjoyed this.+
zeno, Mar 14 2006

       I've heard of "runes", but never "rhunes" - is this some bizarre cross between rhubarb and prunes?
coprocephalous, Mar 14 2006

       I'd like a runic programming language. You wouldn't have to worry about keeping your source code confidential.   

       Good to see you again [Susan].
wagster, Mar 14 2006

       My keyboard got runes last year when I spilled coffee on it. So your saying this is an invention?
pathetic, Mar 14 2006

       Can I say [marked–for-deletion] interface abuse?
DrCurry, Mar 14 2006

       As far as I know you can't, no.
wagster, Mar 14 2006


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