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Optional User profile page

Darn, UnaBubba edited again and I missed it!
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06-12-2005<thought> Say thats a nice idea, must have been baked <thought>
06-15-2005<heart pounding> I cannot find it. Try an overall search. No still can't find it. It might just...<heart pounding>

Many times have I clicked on usernames and reading their profile pages. Sometimes because I want to see if there was something on the userpage which might give me an insight into their personalities and usually because it was a name that was not yet known to me.

There are several user profiles that are true gems. UnaBubba is at the lonesome top but there are some others that I like reading too. And now I found out recently that Unabubba has changed the text of his profile and I was oblivious to it for a whole 3 months!
The fun I would have had reading his "New Improved" 3 months ago!

If possible could there be a page that you click on and the edited UserProfiles pop up along with the edited date? To keep it workeable I propose that an edit date longer than 6 months ago will not pop up (to prevent all the old and unused user profiles to pop up and boy are there a lot of them). I would like to be alerted if there is a change in a User Profile. You'd still be able to ignore them and after 6 months the edited versions that you did not wanted to read (or have allready read) will not show up.

Susan, Jun 15 2005

An internet mapping project. http://www.opte.org/maps/
Doesn't seem to tell you much, but it's beautiful. [wagster, Jun 16 2005]

Zeno of Elea http://www.iep.utm.edu/z/zenoelea.htm
"If we assume that a line segment is composed of a multiplicity of points, then we can always bisect a line segment, and every bisection leaves us with a line segment that can itself be bisected. Continuing with the bisection process, we never come to a point, a stopping place, so a line cannot be composed of points." [calum, Jun 21 2005]

James Burke http://www.palmersg...urke_biography.html
Clever geezer. [DrBob, Jun 21 2005]


       I thought the site was about inventions, not inventors.
angel, Jun 15 2005

       I agree with what [angel] said. But to play devil's advocate, it could be argued that this is a community of inventors, which explains the point in a profile page. And while they're there, people will read them. I'm still not sure why you would really want to know of updated pages though. If you like a user's profile then keep checking it. Or if you are really desperate, if they have an e-mail addres, e-mail them to ask if they will let you know when they are updating their profile.
hidden truths, Jun 15 2005

       [angel] The idea is nothing without the person who invents it. I look upon it as the Icing on the Cake and as [hidden truths] said: why keep a profile page if not to look at it.   

       [hidden truths]. In order to keep checking a profile I would either have to:
Read all the ideas (and some Ideas I really don't want to read) and then click on the name I wanted to check or:
Use the Search funtion and then click on the name. (do you know how long it takes if you type UnaBubba?)
Susan, Jun 15 2005

       Or include profiles in the search parameters (alongside ideas)- and then write your own profile view. [+] by the way
zen_tom, Jun 15 2005

       [zen tom] if that will work it would be nice too.
Susan, Jun 15 2005

       [zen-tom], will try that. +
zeno, Jun 15 2005

       oh, [angel], ideas and annotations tell a lot about people. I think annotations should be about ideas and we should not get overly chatty, but being chatty is nice sometimes and even if it is strictly business, annotating back and forth is helped along by knowing the people behind it, it's part of the fun!
zeno, Jun 15 2005

       Can you find User's in the views? Any advice on how this is done would be appreciated?
hidden truths, Jun 15 2005

       [Susan] and [zeno]: I totally agree, but that's a side-effect rather than something that the site should be altered to accomodate. Just my opinion.
angel, Jun 15 2005

       [hidden] - I notice that you have just put [calum]'s little piece on rules on your profile. I like it. I came across it by accident just now.   

       [susan] - I confess I have voted against this idea. I like the ramdomness and chaos in here, I just found [hidden]'s new profile on a whim - somehow that makes it better. I also find it hard enough finding the time to read the ideas in 'recent', the last thing I need is another page which tells me all about the other new stuff I need to go and read.
wagster, Jun 15 2005

       Don't think I'd ever use this, but I can see why it would be desirable for some. Seems like an innocuous addition to the site views system, so I'll give you a plus.   

       // Can you find User's in the views? //   

       Not currently, no.   

       To wags, I would suggest that if done as a view addition - in practice, it would likely be an out of the way option that you could choose to use or choose to disregard, at your leisure. So it would not negatively affect those that wouldn't benefit by its existence.
waugsqueke, Jun 15 2005

       That is indeed what this idea is about [waugsqueke]. Maybe it could be in the Meta department because like you said [wagster] I would not want to see it all the time on the recent page. Besides I don´t think many people edit it on a regular basis so it would just be a short list. Something like:

       [hidden truths] Jun 15 2005 [Susan] Jun 15 2005
Susan, Jun 16 2005

       [waugs] - I have been giving some thought to views, which could have a lot more functionality I think (and I'm sure [jutta] would welcome the extra work...). I was recently attempting to create a genealogy of all pirate ideas, just to see where it all started and if the first ones were actually the best. Problem is, views won't search the title, only the whole idea page with annos, and the word 'pirate' seems to appear on almost every idea there is. I'd love to be able to filter by title keyword.   

       The nice thing about views is that they can to an extent allow the 'bakery to be all things to all people, while not complicating the basic form of the place. Most of the "I want this to be available in the 'bakery" sort of ideas can either be achieved with views or could be with a little alteration to the views page.
wagster, Jun 16 2005

       Since this is an anno and not an idea I don't have to search for it....Do I?

       [Wagster] //I was recently attempting to create a genealogy of all pirate ideas//. And if possible could it 'link the dots' to (in the end) show a picture?   

       Unfortunately I'm not that big on computer thingy me gingy kind of things so I look upon a hard disc as a flat surface where data is stored on certain locations. I thought that it would be fascinating to see (as connecting lines) a picture of all the lines that would cross from an idea to the links persons posted.   

       Some Idea's have links that link to another idea where there is also a link (or more) which links into.... A line from Idea to link to idea, to link(s) to ideas.   

       But I didn't post it because I have no idea how much work it would involve or what kind of work it would involve or how it could possible be done. Is it feasable?
Susan, Jun 16 2005

       Yes. It is definitely feasible. There are any number of ways of graphically representing relationships in a virtual space, and some clever people can create representations that are both beautiful and informative (I'll try to link one). It would require some work, more knowledge than I have, and administrator access to the halfbakery. I think there are a few people (apart from [jutta]) who may be able to do it, but they probably won't because we have no real idea of what we want to map. A nice idea to play with though.
wagster, Jun 16 2005

       [wags] It seemed kind of obvious that the [Pa`ve]'s idea was not long for this world and I thought that it was something worth keeping.
hidden truths, Jun 17 2005

       Wauw! Those are really beautifull pictures [wagster]. Thanks for that link.   

       //It seemed kind of obvious that the [Pa`ve]'s idea was not long for this world and I thought that it was something worth keeping//.
? [hiddentruths] did you post this anno in the right place?
Susan, Jun 17 2005

       wags not waugs. easy mistake.
po, Jun 17 2005

       oops. thanks [po]
Susan, Jun 17 2005

       This is a useful feature in social software (e.g., something like friendster, orkut, linked-in, tribe.net), but goes beyond what this site does.
jutta, Jun 17 2005

       Speaking of social software, has anyone seen the quite amazing okcupid.com?
bristolz, Jun 17 2005

       \\? [hiddentruths] did you post this anno in the right place?\\ It was in reference to a remakrk [wagster] made about me lifting a quote from [calum] from an idea before it was deleted.
hidden truths, Jun 19 2005

       Ah, yes. I copied the same remark also. A jewel.
Susan, Jun 21 2005

       [bristolz] I had a peep at okcupid.com (is it pronounced ok-cupid, or ock-u-pied?) and am quite taken with it - not a test fan, but am happy to think that if someone else answers 300+ questions the same way I do, they are probably likely to think along somewhat similar lines. Either that, they are stalking me, or I'm stalking them.
btw - I'll show you mine if you show me yours ;)
zen_tom, Jun 21 2005

       Susan, thank you. And thank you also for pointing me to Zeno of Elea. I had a wee read of the line segment paradox (link). Very interesting.
calum, Jun 21 2005

       I first heard about Zeno whilst watching one of, old 'bakery favourite, James Burke's programs.
DrBob, Jun 21 2005

       [zen_tom], I haven't an account there but was just very interested in what they are doing. They even wrote their own high-performance web server. The FAQ about the site itself is a good read. Well-written.
bristolz, Jun 21 2005


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