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Uncle Nutsy

Uncle Nutsy is the nom du cuisine of one David Vacca, who, when he's actually working, does something with money and international trade, and you probably wouldn't be able to stay awake if it were described in more depth unless, God forbid, you were as Nutsy as him.

For reasons best known to himself, he keeps a badly obsolete web page at http://www.intr.net/vacca/

[Jul 12 2000, last modified Oct 27 2000]

(+26, -1)(+26, -1)(+26, -1) Anti-Valentine's Day Merchandise
(+5) Arctic Gym
(+3, -2) Awards Show Awards
(+10, -1)(+10, -1) Celebrity Survivor
(+11, -2)(+11, -2) Everest Airship Rescue Corps
(+20, -5)(+20, -5) Extended-Length Bed
(+3, -5) Fake Crack
(+14, -3)(+14, -3) Goo
(+2, -5) Halfbakery Followup
(+6) Legal Management Organization
(+6, -1) Living Tattoo Weight Loss Program
(+7, -2) Mondrian tiles
(+5, -4) Redraw the lines
(+2) Scissoring Safety Razor
(+27, -7)(+27, -7)(+27, -7) Star Trek Beer

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