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Celebrity Survivor

Vacuous entertainment for a good cause
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Periodically, they have "celebrity" episodes of game shows, in which celebrities compete against each other with their winnings going to charity. "Celebrity Jeopardy!" and "Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" are a couple I've seen.

Anyway, the hot game show these days is "Survivor," which strikes me as being uniquely suited to the "celebrity game show for charity" format. Maroon 16 celebrities on a desert island, one voted off per week, with the winner collecting all sorts of charitable contributions, plus oodles of publicity.

(An even better version would involve taking 16 celebrities to a desert island and leaving them there, but might be hard to implement...)

Uncle Nutsy, Aug 14 2000

I'm a Celebrity! Get Me Out Of Here! http://abc.abcnews....elebrity/index.html
This has been a runaway success in the UK and now it's going across the pond [monkeyseemonkeydo, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Considering how skinny the original Survivor castaways got during their stay on the island, I wouldn't recommend putting Kate Moss, Calista Flockhart, or any other celebrity waif on the show. They might waste away completely.   

       (Again, this may not be a bad idea....)
BigThor, Aug 18 2000

       Big Thor: Kate Moss actually was one of my original choices. Along with Joan Rivers, Drew Carey, Dennis Rodman, Alicia Silverstone, Kid Rock, Rose Gowan, Ted Nugent, Cher, Adam Carolla, John Cusack, Chris Rock, Jackie Chan, Tonya Harding and Madeline Albright.   

       (Imagine the plotlines! Will vegan Alicia Silverstone eat beetle larvae? Will Kate Moss eat anything? What wacky misunderstandings can be generated between Kid Rock and Chris Rock? Will Dennis Rodman ever forgive Rose Gowan for marrying Marilyn Manson before he could? Will Joan Rivers ever forgive Dennis Rodman for his clothes? Will Drew Carey and Ted Nugent form a "Midwestern Carnivores" alliance and kill and butcher one of the other contestants for protein? If it's Cher, will we finally find out whether she's organic? Will Madeline Albright assemble a "peacekeeping" force to deal with rogue nation/ice skater Tonya Harding?)
Uncle Nutsy, Aug 18 2000

       Since the others are unworthy to be in his presence, Ted Nugent will prevail.
thumbwax, Aug 19 2000

       One of the things I love about Survivor is watching a group of complete strangers learn how to interact with each other. Even if they manage to get 16 celebrities who have never met each other, they are still going to either know things or assume things about each other, based on their inevitable public celebrity lives. I'd much rather watch random people than people who will be hamming it up for the camera and trying to push their most recent movie.   

       Plus, the incentives wouldn't be the same. They're already famous, so the instant fame thing isn't much of an incentive. And they're presumably pretty rich, so the money wouldn't be an incentive.
rebekkahshiri, Sep 07 2003


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