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Scissoring Safety Razor

For those cases where two blades aren't better than one blade
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The "Razor Resharpener" idea (see attached link) got me to thinking about ways to extend the life of safety razor blades.

For your Uncle Nutsy, whether it's a disposable razor or a permanent razor with disposable razor cartridges, the problem is that the defoliated whiskers get caught between the two blades of a twin-bladed razor, and no amount of rinsing can get them all out. Good quality blades, like for a permanent razor with a disposable cartridge, seem to get clogged up before the blade would need sharpening. When I forget to buy new blades, I've been known to try and clean the old ones with a pin.

(Single-blade razors don't have this problem, but finding a decently-made single blade razor these days seems impossible.)

So, how about putting a hinge-and-catch arrangement on disposable safety razors or razor blade cartridges? That way, you could open up the head, rinse the space between the blades clean, and close it when done.

Uncle Nutsy, Nov 18 2000

Razor sharpener http://www.halfbake...pener#974551957-3-1
The inspiration for this idea; another way to extend the life of razor blades [Uncle Nutsy, Nov 18 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       If I've understood the idea right, and I often fail to, wouldn't this mean exposing the nasty edge of one entire blade when the cartridge is opened for cleaning? This might make safety razors substantially less safe.   

       Also, three-bladed razors would need two hinged sides of this kind, which might make the entire unit sort of frail (but which, on the up side, would be a pretty frightening thing to confront a home invader with when both were open).
Monkfish, Nov 19 2000

       There was at least one twin blade razor that had a cleaning button...Press it and something poked out between the blades, shoving the accumulate groo out where the water could take it away.
StarChaser, Nov 19 2000

       The above razor was the Gilette Trac II Ultra, I believe, and it unfortunately didn't work too well. The pusher tended to get stuck between the blades.   

       Some 2- and 3-bladed cartridges slide onto the razor horizontally- thus allowing you to push the cartridge halfway off the razor and rinse the blades off from behind, which works not too badly,   

       One of the other problems is that the scum from shaving cream or soap not only accumulates between the blades, but it also builds up on the edge of the blade itself, which dulls the surfaces and gives you a rotten shave.   

       What might work in this case is a solvent you could rinse the entire razor cartridge in that would dissolve the scum but not wreck the razor. This might restore a bit of the edge as well, and would definitely get rid of the crap between the blades. It would be rinsed off so as to not irritate your skin, so it would need to be fairly water soluble as well.   

       (I ran into the exact same problem Uncle Nutsy did just this morning, and I'll try a few solvents I have on hand tonight to see which ones work. I'll keep you posted.)
BigThor, Nov 19 2000

       Flicking the razor against the sink or shower wall has always worked for me; it can be done with a lot more force than any stream of water.   

       I wouldn't recommend it for a permanent, though, as it occasionally knocks the head of the razor off its handle.
bookworm, Nov 20 2000

       I had this problem, but then I started taking the razor into the shower with me. Rinsing in the sink never got it clean, but the (relatively) high-pressure shower water always cleans the gunk right off.
egnor, Nov 20 2000


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