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Reports of me being an A.I. are greatly overexagger#$*H^&@#! ^NO CARRIER

[Oct 14 2001]

(+7, -11) Best Bacon Ever!
(-5)(-5) Buckyballs & Black Holes
(-6)(-6) Deathocracy
(-1) Dissolving Detergent Ball
 Distributed Computing Business Model
(-2) Eliminate Spammers
(-2) Hervé Villechaize Tattoos
(+5) Mark our Existence
(+2) (more) Wigs for Kids
 Online Chat Translation
(+5, -2) OS ROM for the desktop
(+3, -2) Prize Bread
(-2) Smile Detector
(+9, -2) Urinal Horn
(+10)(+10) window inertia

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