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New Spin on making sure the democratic will of the people is what is done
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In a Deathocracy, a national leader is elected into office as per normal for your country. There are no "terms" - the elected leader stays in office in perpetuity...until the population elects him/her OUT of office. Whenever the national elected leader leaves office, they are put to death.

This encourages the national leader to have a goal - stay in office. The only way to stay in office is to always do what the population at large wants! (remember, the origins are in democracy) They will have less incentive to "back-door" deals or any other dirty dealing that, when discovered, will enrage the populace.

It also encourages people to run for the position who are truly selfless and believe they can do a good job for THEIR PEOPLE and not just for themselves/political cronies.

The drawback is the potential to swing towards having lots of self-destructive personalities in national office. Perhaps this would be noticed during the campaigning stage, or perhaps all candidates must submit themselves to indepth psychological screening before they get elected. Now that i think about it, that last point would probably be a good idea for any system.

I was toying with the name "Necrocracy", but i found it too hard to say consistently or quickly.

cameron, Feb 21 2003


       Sounds to me like it discourages anyone from wanting to be leader.
waugsqueke, Feb 21 2003

       A hair over neutral. I can't see this somehow working in the real world, but it's a nice try. How about 'Mortocracy', or even 'Suicidocrazy'?
monkeyseemonkeydo, Feb 21 2003

       sorry to go off-topic, but could someone tell me if the idea //calculator drag-racing// has anything to do with gambling? my gamblock program won't let me open the page, and i want to know if it's working properly. cheers.
sambwiches, Feb 21 2003

       i'm not sure how the program works, though. i'm led to believe that it searches for keywords, which is why i ask if the idea contains any reference to gambling. if the program is broken i'm very worried, as this PC doesn't belong to me and i installed the program.
sambwiches, Feb 21 2003

       Mostly, the idea talks about you and in very derogatory terms. ;-)
bristolz, Feb 21 2003

       lol. maybe its best i have a gambling problem then. i wouldn't want to read that.
sambwiches, Feb 21 2003

       Yes, it does have something to do with gambling, and your program is working fine. (Sheesh, wish I had a filter that kept me from seeing dumb shit ideas like that one.)
DrCurry, Feb 21 2003

       that's a relief, cheers. i wouldn't want to have to explain to my mum that i'd broken her computer.
sambwiches, Feb 21 2003

       Back on topic. It's hard enough to replace incumbant politicians as it is. I think people generally argue to themselves that the person already knows all about the job, so they're more qualified. Now you want to add the fact the s/he will die - you will aid in their murder - if you vote against them. I've had healthy doses of dislike for politicians, but can't remember one that I wanted killed.
Worldgineer, Feb 21 2003

       I like this idea. Most of the world's "leaders" are not really so, and should be dead anyways.
cancan, Feb 21 2003

       So all we have to do is make a side mention of gambling and sambwiches can't read the idea? That could be useful knowledge.
waugsqueke, Feb 21 2003

       damn. you've found my achilles heel. still, its a small price to pay to stop me from coming home drunk and losing my paycheck on bluesq.com.
sambwiches, Feb 21 2003

       I don't think this works at all, and actually resembles a monarchy in some respects; only there, people voted with mobs and stones after too much oppression. System or none, people rise or fall to whatever level of challenge of change is presented to them, to a large extent. People are too easily duped by charisma into being told what they want, and the quest to hold onto power would become even more severe.   

       <insert political backlash warning> I've always wondered about whether the persistence of the British monarchy reflects more of the UK's long historical 'dupability,' actual good will and manners by the leaders, a high public fault tolerance, or simply political skill in avoiding the guillotine.
RayfordSteele, Feb 22 2003

       the british monarchy are nothing more than a tourist attraction, and have been for years. buckingham palace attracts thousands of yank tourists to our rainy shores (along with all the money they can fit into their pockets), and the royals provide regular fodder for the more downmarket tabloids.
sambwiches, Feb 22 2003

       as long as you don't have a president on the verge of suicide the idea would work.   

       As for my monarchy, dont diss it, the Jubilee made me feel proud to be british, especially Brian May playing 'God save the Queen' atop Buck' Palace. If the Queen wanted the US back, I'd help =)
garibake, Apr 24 2003

       The motivation for politicans to do corrupt things to influence public behavior would be huge.   

       Even though I think Bush is one very small step up from pond scum, I would have a hard time sentencing him to death.   

       Perhaps punishment would be enough? for each percentage point over 50 that dissaprove of your actions (on a monthly poll) you get 5 strokes of a cane. Bad politicans would not stay in office long.
macrumpton, Jun 05 2004

       This would almost definately be trouble. A nuclear power leader with nothing to lose? -
Salmon v2, Jun 06 2004

       How about a "secatocracy".   

       I'm probably mixing Latin and Greek there, but then so does "Mortocracy", so what the hell.   

       When you're voted out, you have something chopped off. Your choice of arm, leg, or membrum virile / clitoris.   

       Actually, forget I said that. It's a horrible, horrible idea.
neuro, Apr 07 2009

       No, no, no. We want to encourage bad politicians to leave office. Sentencing them to death the minute they decide to stop screwing up the country is a bad idea.
Bad Jim, Apr 07 2009

       What about if the leader wants to resign from office? Maybe he wants to move to Omaha and see his grand kids every day. Or maybe he's just 'getting to old for this shit'. Are we gonna kill some nice elderly gentleman who served our country well simply because he wants to retire?
bdjnk, Feb 19 2010

       100% bread + circuses
WcW, Feb 19 2010


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